Sewell Lexus

September 13, 2016

Anthony Contreras of Sewell Lexus introduced Cooper Bibb.  Cooper graduated from Alamo Heights in 2010.  He attended A&M, where he was a part of the brotherhood of Christian Athletes and graduated in 2014.  Anthony said that Cooper is one of their head-trainers and is one of the hardest workers they have.  In his off-hours, Cooper enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Sarah.

Cooper shared that he grew up in San Antonio.  His first job was working for his uncle in a motor home dealership, cleaning and detailing motor homes.  His uncle designed his business after the Sewell Pre-owned model, so Cooper has known of Sewell for a long time.  Initially, he started college at UT Arlington, studying Music.  After graduating from A&M in Psychology, he interviewed with Sewell and was very impressed by the quality of their people and their company.

Historically, in 1911, Sewell opened as a car dealership, hardware store and movie theater!  After the Great Depression, he reopened the dealership in Dallas in 1941.  Carl Sewell Sr. died in 1972, leaving the dealership to his cousin and son, John & Carl Sewell, Jr.  Sewell continued to grow, acquiring GMC, Pontiac and Oldsmobile in 1994 and Infiniti and SAAB in 1998.  They expanded to Fort Worth, Grapevine and Plano in 2004.

In 1989, Lexus first began and Sewell was selected as one of North America’s charter dealers and the first Dallas Lexus dealership.

Carl Sewell wrote the book, Customers for Life: How to Turn That One-Time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer.  That is their goal at Sewell, and their emphasis is excellent customer service.  At Sewell Lexus, they have 450 loan cars for those who come in for repairs, even without an appointment.  They also offer complementary car washes at any Sewell dealership and complementary pick up and delivery service, when your Sewell vehicle needs service.

Cooper will give away 30 copies of Sewell’s book at his booksigning on September 29th!  It will be at the Sewell Lexus dealership from 4-6 pm; just walk in and look for the signs.

An A-lead is anyone interested in a new Lexus or anything pre-owned.  A B-lead is anyone in the DEA; he is happy to discuss all aspects of cars and car purchases.  A C-lead is anyone buying cars for a fleet.  The more important C-lead is a Customer for Life!

Cooper is looking forward to doing more one-on-one’s with the DEA members.  Cooper answered several questions.  Concerning other dealer competition, Cooper said it is great!  Competition provides information for customers.  The difference with Sewell is the quality of the people they hire and their customer service!

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