Prayer for the new year!

Dr. Paul Chafetz shared this important prayer for the new year:

As you all know, the annual Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) was just 2 weeks ago.

When the Jewish Temples stood on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem (#1: 957 BC-586 BC; #2: 515 BC70 AD), Yom Kippur was the occasion for an extremely elaborate day-long ritual, in which the most central and profound role was played by the High Priest.

After the day’s awesome public rituals were successfully completed, and the High Priest emerged uninjured from his close encounter with the Almighty, he made a joyous holiday for his family and loved ones.

Each year, at that moment of gratitude and awe, he recited the following prayer, which I believe, still, today, captures the hopes we all have for ourselves.

The High Priest said ….

“May it be your will, L-rd our G-d, that the year that is coming upon us be

A year in which you open your treasury for us,
A year of abundance,    A year of blessing,
A year of beneficial decrees from you,
A year of grain, wine, and oil,
A year of expansiveness, success, and permanence,
A year of assembly in your house of worship,
A year of affordable prices,
A year of good life from you,
A year that is dewy and rainy, if it is hot,
A year when choice fruits sweeten their produce,
A year of atonement for our iniquities,
A year in which you will bless our food and our drink,
A year of commerce,       A year of prosperity,       A year of delight,
A year in which you will bless the fruit of our womb and the fruit of our land,
A year in which you will bless our going and coming,
A year in which your compassion will rest upon us,
A year of peace and tranquility,
A year in which you will lead us upright in our land,
A year in which no woman will miscarry the fruit of her womb,
A year in which we will not be dependent upon one another, nor upon another people, as you bless      the work      of our hands.”

To which we respond, Amen!

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