Sewell Cadillac

When Jim Chandler joined the DEA, Rich Parker made him feel welcome!  Rich was born and raised in Houston and came to Dallas to attend college.  He started working at Sewell part-time in his 3rd year of college and has been there 45 years!  He has been married 31 years!

One of Rich’s managers said:  the grass is not always greener; there are a lot of brown patches wherever you go!  Rich started with Sewell in 1971.  Sewell Cadillac moved to their current location in 1980.  Sewell has added 18 locations since then, in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.  They are opening a Sewell BMW store and McKinney Audi in the Spring.

Sewell has been family owned since 1911.  Why shop with Sewell?  They have an amazing culture, hiring standards, and ongoing training.  Why shop with Rich Parker?  Rich has been with Sewell for 45 years:  15 years as a Service Advisor, 17 years as a Service Manager, and 13 years in Sales!  Rich can sell new Cadillac, GMC, and Buick vehicles and pre-owned vehicles from any dealership within the Sewell family.

Cadillac has reinvented themselves and offers some great vehicles!  Sewell also offers free oil changes and tire rotation for the 1st 4 years/50K miles, with pick-up and delivery, and free car washes at any Sewell dealership!

Highlights of the Cadillac line:

  • ATS – $40-$80K Entry level
  • CTS – $50-$60K Mid-size sedan
  • XTS – $50-$60K Larger, front-wheel drive
  • CT6 – $44-$90K Flagship for Cadillac and General Motors.   “Yesterday’s Cadillac in a 2016 suit with all the features!”  Safety alert seat pulses the seat to get your attention.  Radar looks out 70’ to let you know if someone or a car is there.  It also features lane assist and parallel and perpendicular self-parking.
  • XT5 – (was the SRX) Bread and butter car
  • Escalade – 75% of large SUV market in GM. The new model has been totally redone:  the only thing the same is the name.

December is always the best month to lease or purchase a new vehicle.  The biggest time of the year is the week between Christmas and New Year’s.   Businesses can also write off 25% of sales price on large SUV’s purchased this year.

Costco Member Pricing offers a really good deal:  supplier pricing for Cadillac and GMC.  It is a set price, plus incentives.

When financing or leasing a car and you are in an accident, check out the option of getting a salvage bid and combine that with the insurance money to get a new car.  If a car manual recommends premium gasoline, go to a middle grade.  If it just needs regular, it won’t run better on premium gasoline.  If it says premium gasoline is required, buy premium!

For collision repair, go to the dealership collision center; they know the car better.  Cars are designed to collapse in an accident in a certain way and need to be put back together in the right way!

The Booksigning is at Sewell Cadillac at 7310 Lemon Avenue.  Come by any time in the next week (they are only closed on Sunday) and sign the book, have a cup of coffee, and look at some cars if you would like.  The Booksigning winner will receive their choice of a Cadillac for the weekend!  The runner up will receive Carl Sewell’s book!  Third place will receive lunch with Mr. Parker!

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