DEA Meeting: anti-social MEDIA

Alan Robinson with anti-social MEDIA shared about their business and their top 5 tips for social media success!

Alan was a member of the DEA 20+ years ago before he moved to San Antonio.  He spent 30 years in the electronic security business.  Five or six years ago, their daughter got sick and went into a clinical trial and recovered!  They became evangelists for the product and Jessica volunteered with the company and helped with some Tweets and blogs.  Then Jessica started managing that company’s social media.  Eventually, her work grew into a very successful business.  Alan joined Jessica’s business and realized the DEA would be a perfect organization for the work they do.  The DEA is a terrific organization where you can rely on each other for leads and business but all of our “Thank you’s” show the responsiveness of our businesses:  if you can’t rely on the people you are doing business with, it doesn’t make any difference.  That is the heart of the DEA and they are tickled to be back in it!

anti-social MEDIA is full-time social-media marketing and management.  It is for folks who know they should be doing social media, but don’t know where to turn or how much it should cost, or they have been burned before.  Jessica Robinson is the founder and creative director.  Joshua Moore is the videographer.

Top 5 Tips for Social Media Success

This is what you should be doing every day to build your brand on social media!

  1.  Decide where to start and focus there first.  Hint:  try Facebook.  You want to go where the most eyes are with the most money.  Facebook is the least expensive, but most powerful way to advertise your business.
  2. Facebook vs. your website:  building authenticity.  Your website is where people go to learn about you.  Facebook is where people go to see if you are real.  Have their friends and family used you?  Do you have good reviews?  Facebook should target and re-target your website to help build your business.
  3. Post often to create community by building value.  Post at least once a day, every day, on Facebook.  Stay away from sales content; 80% of your posts should be value, information, how you are participating in the community, and success stories.  Pay attention to likes, reviews and responsiveness.  Drive good reviews as part of your sales process.  Only about 11% of companies are working and talking to their customers on social media, yet customers want it.  anti-social MEDIA responds for you, so you are responsive.
  4. Give Facebook what Facebook wants:  video.  Everyone is watching video on their phone!  It doesn’t need to be fancy:  selfie, Facebook live, or professional video.
  5. Facebook Ads: the number one way to grow your reach.  Their clients have to be committed to Facebook ads; they are key to your success.  anti-social MEDIA creates the content, a monthly social-media calendar for your review, and once approved, it gets scheduled and posted with your ads.


Michael Bosco asked about 20-somethings who don’t use Facebook.  Generally, 20-somethings are a different audience and cannot afford your services.  Focus your marketing on the majority of people who are on Facebook and can afford your business.  The emphasis of social media will evolve over time.

Great referrals are the owner of any service company.  A better referral is anyone you know who should be selling, but has been burdened with the social-media stuff!  It is very inexpensive for what anti-social MEDIA does and they provide their clients with a full-time social media person for an out-sourced price.  They can also create the content for your social media.

Advice is free, you only pay them if they are working for you.  Feel free to contact Alan if you have any social media questions!

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  1. The pleasure was all ours. It’s great to be a part of the DEA in such an exciting time as this.

    Thanks everyone for your attention, enthusiasm and great questions.

    Make it a great week.


    Alan Robinson

  2. We are so excited to be a part of the DEA! I am thrilled that we will have this amazing network to send referrals. We are often asked for referrals and those asking know we always share the most professional contacts. We know the DEA is full of the best! Thank you again for the great recap! We aporeciate you.

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