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Andy Goldstein, Director of Business Development at Sol-Ark, a solar technology company. Andy is a Ft. Worth native and graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. After university, Andy lived and worked in China for nearly 15 years holding various executive positions for several companies in the solar industry. In 2019, Andy moved back to the United States and joined Sol-Ark.

Many of you may be seeing solar panels popping up in your neighborhood or taken a drive and seen massive fields of solar panels. Why is Solar Becoming So Popular?

First, Sol-Ark is a veteran owned solar technology company headquartered and manufactured in Parker, TX. They are a group of ex-military and ex-defense engineers that wanted to design products made more for protection than going green and clean. These engineers have 30+ years background in defense engineering and power electronics. They have a global distribution network with a 300% year on year growth since 2014. They also hold multiple patents and awards on their technologies.

TRUE or FALSE Renewables (including solar) costs LESS than fossil fuels.

TRUE. The Wall Street Journal just published a report that the cost of solar is less than natural gas, which is at an all time low. This means that the life cycle of constructing a solar farm of putting solar panels on a roof costs less than conventional fossil fuels. This has happened in the last few years.

TRUE or FALSE The overall cost of electricity is INCREASING with inflation.

FALSE. The cost of fuel and electricity has been trending downwards for over a decade.

A lot of that has to do with the added capacity of renewable energy. Capacity meaning the overall amount of billable production for the market. There is a clear trend in the increase in capacity. Several factors have allowed for more scale in manufacturing and when there is more scale the cost to produce goes down. Combining the increase in demand with the increase in production, the cost to produce electricity from fossil fuels is more than the cost to produce it from wind or solar. In fact, sometimes wind farms must slow down their wind turbines to make sure the price of power does not go negative. The bottom line is that price of power is super cheap, and the cost of renewables is increasing.

The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that large corporations (i.e. Apple, Google, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) are adding energy to their portfolio. Even at shareholder value, solar means business. Among the Top 10 Solar States, Texas ranks 5th.

A lot of corporations are going solar – why is that?

• Big Tax Breaks = 100% depreciation + 26% tax credit
• Social Policy = Clean and Green Company Image
• Easily Predictable = OWN vs. RENT, Less $$
• AND…Sol-Ark uses solar for back-up and independent power systems using their Hybrid Inverter

The hybrid inverter is a “smart” solar generator that converts (DC) solar power and stores it in batteries for later use (AC). These are noiseless, no hazards (no fuel) generators. For instance, when the grid is up (normal conditions, no outages) you generate power and if you have any excess power during the day, you can sell that back to the utility company. And when the grid goes down (power outage), the solar panels (during the day) and batteries (during the evening) will deliver power to your building. This delivers a continuity of power with no disruption. The investment is worth the piece of mind.

And small businesses and homeowners can benefit from these as well!

They also offer Off Grid installations where no utilities are available. This could be homeowners building a home in the middle of nowhere or a factory in an underdeveloped area. This option is usually cheaper than trying to bring the utilities to the building.

What is the equivalent of solar to gasoline? Good solar panels can last up to 50+ years which is equivalent to 18,000 gallons of gas!

Key Benefits of a Solar Generator

• Hardly any noise
• There is no need for flammable fuel
• Requires only ONE permit (electrical)
• Natural gas needs power to travel
• Big Tax Incentives
• Sell back excess power to pay for the system

Energy Saving Tips to TIGHTEN the building

• Use LED bulbs = 1/10th of the power!!!
• Tune Up HVAC system
• Insulation
• Windows

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