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Rob Eads, Call-Hold Marketing!, was treated by Dr. Maude Cejudo, Dallas Manual Therapy, several years ago after he was persuaded to play in a faculty / student basketball game at a school where he was teaching. He should have known that at 5’-7”, this was probably not the best idea!  It was during that game that he heard a pop in his shoulder, which is never a good sound.  He had torn a tendon in his shoulder and Dr. Maude Cejudo was able to help heal it within a few sessions.  She is truly a miracle worker!

Dallas Manual Therapy clinic specializes in manual therapy procedures. This consists of skilled hands-on techniques that reduces pain and decreases the need for pain medication. This results in improved circulation, increased joint movement, and optimizes healing support for the injured tissue.

Dallas Manual Therapy clinic offers one-on-one personal care for all our patients. The main focus for patient care is to determine the exact diagnosis of the injured tissues. This includes the diagnosis of skin, subcutaneous tissues, ligament/fascia, muscles/tendons, joint capsule, bursa, cartilage, joint entrapment, nerves, discs, bone, plus the relationship with vascular and metabolic conditions. My goal for each patient is to achieve in a short period of time successful results so the patient will be able to resume and maintain his/her activities and lifestyle.

Dallas Manual Therapy Clinic offers therapy techniques to stimulate the body’s receptors to reduce pain, improve circulation, and restore health to the injured tissues. A therapeutic exercise program is designed to restore the tissue strength. The most important quality needed for patient care success is the personal desire to improve. I believe in using an active approach in order to prevent further degeneration of injured tissue which allow the patient to return to their improved quality of life.

Professional Background

  • Physical Therapy Education – graduated with honors from Texas Women’s University
  • Master Degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (1996)
  • Doctorate degree in Manual Therapy (2004)
  • Doctoral dissertation – A two-month clinical research study of twelve patients with rotator cuff injury. The treatment consisted of manual therapy and exercise with either pulley equipment or elastic band resistance. The study showed statistical improvement of rotator cuff injury with the manual therapy and pulley resistance therapeutic exercise over the elastic band resistance.
  • Doctoral Dissertation – presented 2004 at the OGI Forum in San Francisco and published in online journal Scientific Physical Therapy
  • Private practice since 2003
  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Manual Therapy
  • Certified QRI Laser Therapy Specialist
  • Specialist for treatment of primitive reflex integration

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