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Dr. Paul Chafetz shared that Darryl Galen, d. galen graphics, is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.  In 1978, Darryl was a young man with two things in his back pocket, a BBA in Marketing from University of Toledo and his Certified Production Artist credential from Cooper School of Art. He took a job with an advertising agency that moved him to Dallas. Just two years later in 1980, he opened his own company, the legendary, d. galen graphics. Besides his professional skills, Darryl also fished, snow skis, backpacks, makes his own gourmet chocolates and his own “kick ass” bourbon. He has been married for 26 years to Lyndette and they have one daughter, Shaye, who is 23 years old.  Shaye is a professional dancer and sophomore at Southern Methodist University. Darryl has been in business for 39 years and is a wealth of knowledge!

Darryl is a graphic artist and graphic designer, but more importantly, he is a marketing expert to help you succeed.  What gives Darryl the edge?  His experience! More than 39 years of marketing experience building motivating Brand Recognition, Effective Marketing Plans, and Creative Ad Graphics with Successful Results.

He began his career designing graphics in the jewelry industry.  This kickstarted his business.  He even worked on an ad with real chimpanzees, which was a blast!  Darryl also has worked with many companies to create logos, as well as the opportunity to start on the ground floor to represent their brand.

Darryl shared a project he just completed for a house account.  The owner wanted a unique, simple, multi-page brochure to brand his company.  He passed samples of the finished product around to the group and showed how the 16-page brochure is printed with 4 signature pages that are printed on both sides, and when collated, trimmed, stitched, and folded, it creates a 16-page brochure.  Darryl showed marketing cards that showcase a division of that same company that their sales team use when meeting with their clients.  The marketing cards have photos of services they offer on the front and a non-glossy back where the sales team can make notes, write down special offers, etc. for clients.

Darryl also introduced his newest focus; Graphic Design Logo Video Clips.  Graphic Design Logo Video Clips combine graphic design with video, which results in dynamic, captivating logo video graphics that showcases your business brand.  They are graphic design, 3D logo extrusions built on the 4D video platform.  These videos can bring his client’s ideas to life!

Darryl shared several video examples of his amazing work!  He explained that he can take a customer’s logo, a photograph, or any graphic image and run it through his software program to create a dynamic visual effect.  This is perfect for someone who is looking to boost their business brand. Darryl is offering a holiday special for logo video clips; buy 3 at a reduced price plus get the fourth FREE.  This offer is good through December 31.

Darryl also answered a few questions…

  • If a customer buys the Logo Video Clip, do they own it? Yes, you do.  If Darryl designs it then they must register it and state how you will use that image, but yes you own it.
  • Are they easy to update, i.e. 19 years of service, change to 2o years the next year? Yes, they are very easy to update at nominal charge.

Darryl Galen is the guy who will design all your branding graphics needs, and more importantly, make your business look GREAT!

Visit his website today at to preview a few samples of his work.

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