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Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control, has known Monis Zaidi, Assured Accounting & Tax Services, for a few years now.  Monis moved from Pakistan to go to college at University of Texas at Arlington.  He has 25 years of experience leading global businesses, managed product lines that have generated over 1 billion dollars per year with a 65% gross margin.  He currently runs Assured Business Solutions and provides accounting and tax financial services to individuals and small businesses.  He is married to Ismat and they have three daughters. He is also an avid traveler.

Monis asked everyone to imagine sitting on a sunny beach somewhere without a care in the world…that is how he wants his customers to feel when they entrust their bookkeeping and tax service needs to him.  He first described his family, of which he is the only guy!  His oldest daughter recently graduated from UTD with a degree in Marketing and Sales and is employed with IBM.  His investment is paying off, at least for her!  His second oldest is also at UTD studying Pre-Med and the third will probably study IT.  His wife started the business in 2005 while Monis was working in corporate America.  He joined the company alongside her three years ago.  In his past corporate jobs, Monis worked for large companies such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and Vodaphone.  He helped manage costs and increased revenues for major companies generating hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profits.  He now applies these same principles and systems to small business to make them immensely profitable.

Assured’s main goal is to Save Time, Save and Make You Money, and Save You Anxiety by acting as a trusted advisor on all accounting and financial matters!  They offer the following services: Small Business Bookkeeping, Payroll/Employee Taxes, Personal and Business Tax Returns, Business Formation Services, and Dashboards.

Most customers are usually behind on their bookkeeping and have not properly taken care of their business financials.  Many can show money coming in and going out, but don’t know if they are actually making any money. Timely Bookkeeping will increase profits and lower costs.  Some key benefits to proper Bookkeeping are: Benchmark/Measurements, Monthly Financial Reports to allow better decision making and more accurate financial information, Optimize Pricing, Capitalize on things that are working well, Claim all Tax Deductions, Books are Prepared for Year End, Manage Cash Flow, and Customized Reports.

One unique service that Assured offers is a Business Dashboard.  Dashboards help you make more intelligent business decisions.  They help answer such questions as:

  • How liquid is your business? Do you have enough cash?
  • Are you making enough money? How profitable?
  • Are expenses increasing faster than sales?
  • Which expenses are too high to the level of sales?
  • Can you hire another employee?
  • Can you get a business loan?

Once they collect the customer’s raw data, they can create customized reports and dashboards using Key Performance Indicators – which turns the raw data into intelligent data.

They also provide Tax Services, all their work revolves around Tax Planning and helping their customers keep the most of what they make, legally! The top 10 mistakes they see Business Owners make:

  • Not having the right corporate structure (S Corp, LLC)
  • Failing to report information as it is reported to you (1099’s)
  • Failing to properly apply limitations (meals, start-up costs)
  • Not keeping good records
  • Over reporting income (sales tax)
  • Forgetting carryover’s (home office, NOL, Capital losses)
  • Not claiming the home office deduction
  • Misclassifying workers
  • Not filing on time

Assured will make sure that you receive the most tax savings possible!  Their ideal referral is small businesses with one million+ in revenue.  Check out their website here or contact Monis for more information!

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