DEA Meeting: Your Web Guys.Net

Richard Kinney introduced Ashley Kinney, the new Sales Development Representative for Your Web Guys!  She will be representing their company at the DEA!  Welcome, Ashley!

Usually a company’s goal with their website is to make money.  The DEA’s goals are to get new members, service existing members, and help members get more out of the DEA, which ultimately helps us keep members.  Richard shared with us about some of the functionality in our website, ways we can use it and some of the benefits we can get from it.

The large promo sliders on the home page show announcements about meetings or events, and you can select “learn more” to get more information about that event.  On top of any calendar that is displayed, there is a little button that looks like a speaker.  If you click that button, it will subscribe your calendar and every event the DEA has will be on your calendar now and in the future, automatically.  That allows you to participate with the DEA more effectively!

On almost every event page or blog post there is an area for a “reply”.  This is important because the Google bot, which searches pages and returns the search results, is trying to build opinions.  Google bot develops opinions from human interaction and looks for “compelling content”.  If a page has comments, likes, retweets or replies, it has compelled a human to interact with it.  The more pages that get interaction, the more likely Google is to send people to the website.  Google’s goal is to send people where they want to go.  If we tell Google that the place people want to go is our website, they will send more people there.  After each meeting, go on the website and leave a reply or share a post.  The more pages we have on our website that get Google’s attention because of the interactions, the more likely Google is to take notice of the whole website.  The links on the bottom of the pages link to your Facebook, Twitter, etc, so you can easily share the information on your social media.  The more comments you make, the more you share, the better it is for our website.   It is all about information dissemination; sharing on social media disseminates information, but Google also notices that and sends more people to our website.

On a weekly basis, go to the website and leave a reply or share something on social media; that would give huge amounts of benefit to the group!  Go to Meet Up and and share and say that you’ve attended this group.  All of the algorithms work based on the number of interactions.

All of your businesses, you and your contact information are listed on the website.  Check out your listings and make sure all the information is correct!  If any of the information is incorrect or is missing, let Dianna know and it can be corrected!  Sharing good information is great; incorrect information is garbage!

Richard also showed us Google’s analytics data, looking at the traffic on our website in the last three months.  It is not bad; but we can improve it!  If we do this right, your website will also get traffic from the DEA website.

Blogging on our website is imperative!  The more articles we publish on the website, the more keywords and phrases we will break into.  Blog on your own website and send them to Dianna so she can post them!  Each blog is another chance for you to show off yourself.

If we don’t provide content, no one is going to come to our website.  Content can be articles, shares, likes, comments and other interactions.  The website is a huge tool; take advantage of it!

If you have any questions about the DEA website or yours, whether you are his clients or not, Richard is happy to answer them!

3 Responses to “DEA Meeting: Your Web Guys.Net”

  1. Ron Schulz says:

    Great program this morning. So glad your firm will be a part of the DEA going forward.

  2. I thought it was a great program too… what a handsome and informative web guy you are Richard!

  3. Denise Koval says:

    That was a great program Tuesday morning. The DEA needed to know the tool they have as we push and shove into the cyber world from a very traditional business model. You made a deep impression on how large that world is; well done!

    And thanks for all your work on this Richard!
    Denise Koval

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