DEA Meeting: Your Web Guys

Darren Gardner introduced Ashley Kinney with Your Web Guys.  Darren has really enjoyed working with Your Web Guys on his new company website!  Recently, Ashley came over to the Teks Inc. office and took updated headshots of their whole company.  Up to 4 hours of photography is included with their website package.  Darren said it was so easy and convenient to have everything done onsite!

In 2004, Your Web Guys opened their storefront.  Ashley quickly noticed pictures being used on websites that were really bad and often something someone took with a phone.  Image is important!  You don’t want to use dark, grainy photographs.  Your website is your first impression for many people.  People research on the net, first, often before they even meet you!

In 2007, after their first son was born, Ashley focused her work more on photography for websites.  In 2010, their twin sons were born.  A year ago, Ashley started working for Your Web Guys in public relations and sales.  She works with photographing a lot of product for sales.  For speakers, lawyers, and many other businesses, people are their “product” and the important product photograph is their headshot.

With any product photography, you need to watch for shadows and lighting.  Ashley creates visual art to make it appealing and warm!  She is going to do headshots for our members (and to update the DEA website) outside on the golf course.  There is a beautiful backdrop there!  The trend is outdoor pictures.  You want to update your headshots and website images!  The images she shoots can be used for all of your social media, so you can have a consistent photograph, at no cost!  If you love your headshot and need it to be higher-resolution for print media, for example, the cost would be $150.

For headshots, you want to have a fresh, clean look, whether that means a fresh shave or no excess moisture on your face or makeup.  Wear colors that go with your skin tones.  You want a little color on your face because cameras will wash you out!  Ladies should not wear sleeveless tops, and if you are sitting, you want your dress to go below your knees.  You want your image to be crisp, clean, and clear, like meeting someone for the first time!

Most clients don’t have the time to update photos — Your Web Guys makes it super simple.  Clients get up to 4 hours/year of free website photography!  They also have 15 employees so they can provide great customer support!

A-leads are small to medium businesses (typically $250K – $1 million gross)

B-leads are DEA members

C-leads are everyone who needs a website

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