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Michelle Spangler, Infused Oils and Vinegars, first connected with Tom Seath, Visual Dynamics Sign & Image Solutions, when he was a guest at DEA, and she needed a sign!  They met again later at her Open House, where Tom brought his wife, Melanie, five-year-old son, Trent, and his family visiting from Canada – who ended up taking lots of her product back with them, which she much appreciated!  Tom came out initially to look at her signage needs, and she knew then that he completely understood the customer service role.  When she would call with a need, he was prompt to respond and usually on site himself taking measurements.  Michelle has used him for removable signs, outdoor signs and is currently working with him on signage for her new space!  Tom is always willing to look at the space, the possibilities, and the best outcome for the client’s needs!

Tom was born in Scotland, which he said does not make him a good golfer!  He has lived in 3 countries; including Scotland, Canada and United States. He met his wife while living in Canada, and after a few moves and brief breakup, they were married in 2009.  Their son, Trent, was born a few years later while they lived in Atlanta.  His background is in Supply Chain and Logistics and he also worked as a Senior Executive for a few Private Equity companies, which lead to MANY moves.  Melanie’s training was as a hearing aid specialist, but she has spent most of her career in superior customer service.  They both agree that their son is what grounds them and convinced them that the constant moving was not what they wanted for him or their family.  Hence, they decided to open their own business.

Tom, not being a follower, wasn’t interested in a franchise.  He wanted something he could make his own.  They found a company that helps people start their own businesses.  The business is theirs and, in their names, but this opportunity allowed them to have a large network of other business owners to rely on for help and support.  Tom’s background had a lot of project management embedded in it along with visual and creative aspects.  When he and Melanie got married in Scotland, Tom planned the entire wedding…as he puts it, Melanie just showed up, got married, and had a blast!  He did the invitations, table service decoration, fliers for guest itineraries, hotel accommodations, etc. – since a large portion of guests were coming from North America.  He also creates yearly picture books for his son, showing everything, he did that year.  So, he felt that graphics was a passion for him.

What does Visual Dynamics do…pretty much everything and anything a customer wants to communicate visually; they can help with!  Tom showed numerous examples including:

  • Branding – displaying your company name and logo (in a building, lobby, vehicle, monument sign or wind or floor graphics)
  • Communication – display a message or directions (wayfinding, identification, promotions, menu’s, company culture, safety, trade shows, and informational)
  • Vivify / Customize – adding excitement or life to your physical space, supporting a company culture (murals, graphics, décor)

He even transformed an Audi R8 sports car from black to white with a custom car wrap!

Tom tends to see each job as a project rather than just as executing a process.  He looks at each site to make sure that what the customer wants will work and be the best outcome for them!  For instance, one customer sent him the information she wanted, which included putting her address on the bottom window.  When they walked the site, Tom showed her that cars would be parking right in front of that area and her address would rarely be visible…then she realized that maybe she didn’t even need the address on it at all since her customer’s would already be in front of her office at that point!  Another customer wanted white lettering on their exterior office windows but did not account for the white blinds behind the window that would be lowered most of the time and when lowered, made the signage fade away.  Tom designed it with white letters and a black border so that the signage was visible if the blinds were up or down.  He also puts great care in the color requests and prints a sample for every customer. He has a color calibration machine that can color match any sample and will create that same exact color every time. He will also take pictures of your space to produce mock-ups to show what your signage will look like in your space. Most sign companies don’t give that personalized service, they just create what you send them without ever putting the environment and design into consideration. Make sure to check out his website for more samples of what they can do, including his new magnetic product which makes changing signage needs almost effortless, while still looking amazing!

Click below to see more examples of what Visual Dynamics Sign & Image Solutions can do!

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  1. Erika says:

    Great presentation this morning! Can’t wait to see your facility and more of your designs in person! And hear all about Scotland before my trip next spring!

  2. Wonderful presentation by Tom at Visual Dynamics. His company is obviously much, much more than just a sign printing company! His creativity and complete understanding of the customer’s needs is a huge benefit to any customer.

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