DEA Meeting: TeksInc

Michael Bosco introduced Darren Gardner with TeksInc.  Michael has had the pleasure of travelling with Darren on several trips; one was to San Antonio and back, so it was an 8-hour one-on-one!  Michael challenges anyone to match that!  He does look forward to flying with Darren!  One thing to know about Darren is that he is always going to do what he says he will do.  If you are needing help with computers and IT support, that is what you need:  someone who knows what is doing and does what he says he is going to do!  How could you go wrong with TeksInc!

Darren has been married for 28 years, this year.  He has two, adult kids; his son will get married in April.  Darren grew up in Lubbock and then moved to East Texas.  His dad was in the Air Force, so they moved a lot when he was a kid.  Darren is truly a geek!  He has been in IT for 30 years:  TXU, Microsoft, Club Corp, and then started TeksInc in 2003.  Last year, they did $1.8 million!  His life can be summed up with:  family, church, work, business, fitness, and flying, and he tries to keep it in that order.

At TeksInc: “We are your IT department.”  TeksInc works with companies with 3 to 350 computers.  They strive to provide high quality and trustworthiness.  Their core values are:

  • treat everyone with respect and professionalism (in the office and out of the office)
  • empower and equip our team with the tools to be successful
  • demonstrate excellence very chance we get
  • happy and healthy clients
  • have fun and work hard
  • always do the right thing

TeksInc is 13 full-time employees with over 200 years combined IT experience.  They are trusted advisors, educating decision-makers.  They are independent with no politics or baggage!  “We are Your IT Department”, from helpdesk to CIO, consultation, managed services, cloud technology recovery.  Their clients include:  aerospace, manufacturing, law firms, oil & gas, non-profits/churches, business associations, chambers of commerce, construction, distribution, medical, golf courses, and even tree farms!

Their target market is 5-100 computers; their sweet spot is 20-50 computers.  All leads that turn into clients are C-Continuous leads!

Recommendations for passwords:  a complicated, upper/lower case password with numbers that you have on a sticky note on your computer is more secure than a simple password!  Cyber access is usually the problem, not physical access.  Lastpass can help you manage your passwords; it will pre-populate your passwords.  Darren has 5 passwords he uses:  one super-super-secret, one super-secret, one secret, a disposable password, and a social-media password, so he has 5 levels of passwords that he changes the last numbers on.

TeksInc has an enterprise-class data center with generator power backup and Darren can control your cloud.  They don’t do websites.  They will provide VOIP phone systems for their clients, since they already manage the other technology.  For anti-virus, WebRoot is good.  The built-in Window’s Defender is pretty good.  The important thing to avoid viruses:  if you don’t know who it is from, don’t open it!  Usually PDF’s are not going to be to the problem, but don’t click on the link in the document!

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