DEA Meeting: Take Time to Travel

Maude Cejudo introduced Bobby Cave with Take Time to Travel.  She asked us all to think about our most memorable vacation.  Maude’s was a family vacation Bobby planned 4 years ago.  They are going again to the same place because everyone had such a great time.  If you are travelling out of the country, be sure to get medical insurance; if you are travelling in a group, be sure to get trip insurance; Bobby can take care of it all!  Bobby and Teresa have been married 52 years, have 2 children, 2 grandchildren, and love to travel!

Bobby and Teresa have officially been doing travel for 27 years!  If you have questions about travel, even if you are arranging the trip yourself, please ask!  They will do travel anywhere, from a full-blown package to just part of a trip.  Bobby opened the meeting up for questions about travel.

Brad Swann asked about a train trip out West for 4 or 5 days.  Bobby said most train trips in the US are not direct and are not an efficient mode of travel.  Canada has a train that goes from one side to the other.  If you are travelling overnight, get a cabin with a bed.

Dr. Paul Chafetz asked about being a passenger on a commercial container ship.  Bobby said some lines will take on 5-10 people, but most will want you to do some work.  There are some sailing ships that will put you to work.  They are happy to research any trip you are considering.

Michelle Spangler asked if you could arrange to pilot your own yacht without the owner on board.  Usually you need a pilot’s license.

Gary De Rodriguez asked about recommended shots travelling through Asia.  Teresa said the CDC will specify recommended and required shots for the specific area you are going to, then you can check with your physician.  Especially if you are travelling in a remote area, get everything that is recommended.

Vinnie Kiedrowski asked Bobby’s thoughts on Cancun.  Bobby said Mexico is very dependent on tourists and try to protect tourist areas like resorts.  Bobby is more comfortable travelling to Cancun than in some areas of Dallas.

Dr. Janell Kenny asked about transit from Cancun to Akumal.  Bobby recommends using bonded transfer companies not taxis.

Ashley Kinney asked about travelling by train from Dallas to Alaska.  Bobby does not believe there is a route for that; planes are generally recommended.  If you choose to take an Alaskan cruise, they recommend spending a few days on land, if time permits.

Scott Scribner asked about travelling to the central mountains of Mexico.  Bobby said that Maude travels to Guadalahara and Mexico City has some great places to see, but you want to be careful about where you go.  Maude also flies into Leon and travels to San Miguel de Allende, but go bonded for any travel and have it all set up ahead of time.

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