DEA Meeting: Supreme Lending

Michael Bosco introduced Ron Schulz with Supreme Lending.  Michael first worked with Ron on the holiday party and realized that Ron has an ability to get from point A to point B faster than any other person he has ever met!  If a decision needs to be made or something needs to get done, it is just done; he is so efficient!  That absolutely rolls into his professional world and him getting loans done!

Ron is in residential lending and can handle buying, refinancing, and taking cash-out, whether you are going to live in it, rent it out, second home or a mistresses’ house!

A couple of weeks ago, Ron was having lunch with friends and one was talking about a small piece of business they were doing.  Someone else asked why they were even messing with that since there would be no money in it.  Ron flashed back to being an 11-year old, working in his Grandfather’s catering business in downtown Chicago.  They lived in a German, Irish and Jewish neighborhood, so there were a lot of activities and events to cater.  One day, Ron was working on a small order, and asked his Grandfather why they were wasting their time on it when they had so many larger jobs they needed to get done.  His Grandfather said, “Sometimes little deals become big deals.  You know what I mean?”  As usual, Ron said he did not and his Grandfather said, “You’ll get it someday.”

A few years ago, everyone was moving here and Ron’s staff was swamped and were all working six days a week.  Another loan officer called and asked Ron if he wanted to take a couple of small loans off his plate; otherwise, he was just going to ignore them.  One was in Sulfur Springs and the other in Waco.  Ron took the deals and got them done.  Soon, Ron started getting applications from Waco.  He found out the client with the small deal in Waco goes to one of the big churches in Waco and was telling everyone about Ron!  She said, “You did such a good job for me…I can tell you are not a church-going person.  Every time I send you a referral, you send me a bottle of wine and that is like my favorite day!”

In the 2 years since Ron did the small loan, not a month goes by where they don’t close a loan in Waco from that first deal.  This little loan has turned into a ton of business over the years!

What brings Ron back to the DEA every Tuesday morning at this un-godly hour is not the business he gets, though he has done business with a lot of you.  But Ron can refer people to you, knowing you are going to do a great job for them.  It makes him more valuable to his clients and everyone he does business with.

If Ron can help anyone with any type of residential lending, send them his way.  Most importantly, Ron wanted to thank everyone in the room for making his job easier and his clients’ lives easier!

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  1. Barbara Scribner says:

    Great program this morning Ron Schulz with Supreme Lending!!

  2. Ron shared a great reminder for all us. You never know what a new lead (big or small) or going to result in. So always do the “right thing” for your customers.

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