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Ron SchulzJulie Grant introduced Ron Schulz.  Julie has known Ron for a number of years and describes him as completely multi-faceted.   Ron played Baseball in college and is an avid fitness enthusiast.  He grew up in Chicago and worked in the pit in the Chicago stock exchange.  Ron has been in the mortgage business for 13 years.  If it can be done, he will do it; nothing falls through the cracks!  He is a good friend and mentor.

Ron started in Chicago and was recruited to come here with Prudential Securities to build their business.  After 15 years at the trading desk, Ron knew he wanted to do something else.  After a 90-second conversation, he decided to work with a guy in the mortgage business; he worked with him for 10 years.

Ron’s grandfather said:  “if you own a business, every once in a while, look at your business like you were a customer”.  He evaluated his 5-year plan and decided he wanted to build a boutique within his office.  He interviewed many companies to find one that had the infrastructure to let him do what he wanted.  Supreme Lending allowed him to build his own team that could control the quality and care for his customers.

Ron’s first 8-10 closings with his new team all got stuck in processing.  It was a mad scramble and a few closing dates were missed, but a different processor stepped in to bail him out.  She became Ron’s processor and it was excellent until she got promoted.  His new processor did a good job, but had the personality of a chair. Again, Ron asked his grandfather’s question and wondered “is this the experience my clients are getting?”  He quietly asked some of his clients about their experience.  One client said “it is like talking to sand; it sounds like you are bothering her when you talk to her”.  Ron got a new processor!

Now, Ron has the smooth team he wanted to build!  The most important thing is seen from the customer’s view and he wants the experience to be as enjoyable as possible for them!

The DEA is so important to Ron and his business!  A lead for him is anything that has to do with lending:  HELOC, refinance, purchases of primary or investment properties.

There will not be an open house:  Ron is supplying the wine at the Christmas party next week!  Thank you Ron!

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