DEA Meeting: Supreme Lending

Ron Schulz shared with us about the difference dedication, hard work, and 42 seconds made in his career!

Ron does residential mortgage lending, whether it is purchase, refinance or whatever, if it has to do with where you live, what you rent out, or where you vacation, he can handle the financing on it!

For Ron, one of the most fun parts of the DEA meetings starts at 6:30am, when some of the early networking starts!  He didn’t want to brag, but they have solved all of the world’s problems!  Though Ron suspects that Dr. Paul is spying on them for research for a future book!

A few months ago, during the 6:30 early networking, Keith Brown shared how a co-worker landed an incredible vein of business from a discussion he had sitting in a restaurant waiting for a table.  That reminded Ron of 42 seconds in his career.

Ron attended college on a baseball scholarship.  After graduating in 1984, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies with a $1500 signing bonus!  Ron worked really hard at rookie camp.  Then he got a call from a firm on the exchange floor, offering an unbelievable job opportunity.  He talked with his coach to see if he could make it to the Majors.  His coach said, “Schultzee, if I could take your determination and work ethic and put it in someone who had talent, I’d have a major league ball player.  Take the job.”

Ron was a runner on the floor, taking orders to the trading pit.  He had been there for six months when he got an order for the cattle pit on Friday at 12:59; they closed in less than a minute.  Ron saw time running out and ran to get the order in.  “Runners” on the floor, really weren’t supposed to run.  The security guard stopped him, but Ron ran around him and got the order in before closing.  The security guard was not happy and wanted to fire him.  Roger, the trader who took the order, told him it was an important order and asked him to let it go.  Then, Roger asked Ron to meet him for lunch at the Merc Club, a member’s-only club for traders.  Roger’s clerk was moving to Florida and he told Ron to meet him on the floor at 6am Monday to work for him; he had heard good things about Ron.  Roger knew the company Ron had been working for and had already told them he quit.

After working for Roger for 18 months, he asked Ron if he had any money to trade, and told him he could use one of his seats for a year, for free – let’s see if you can do this!  (He had already hired a new clerk!)  Ron traded on the floor for 11 years.  It came down to the 42 seconds he had to get that order in that changed his life!  Of course, the security guard spent 11 years fining Ron for everything he could find!

People ask Ron, “How does that happen to me?”  Ron doesn’t know, but he has always enjoyed what he does and works hard.  People also ask “Why did you stop trading and go into the mortgage business?”  Making rich people richer wasn’t all that much fun because they weren’t that much fun; they are never happy.  The best example he can give as to why the switch has really changed his life and made him happy happened 3 weeks ago when he closed a loan for an amazing Veteran who had served 3 years between Afghanistan and Iraq.  At the closing, his two daughters thanked Ron for helping their mommy and daddy get a house; they were going to sleep in their own bedrooms that night for the first time in their lives.  At that moment, he knew he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing.

Ron has done business with a lot of the DEA members; you’ve given him a lot of great referrals.  The same passion, determination and work ethic he showed for the Veteran’s loan, he shows for everyone.  If he can ever help anyone as far as residential lending, just know that he cares and he will get it done!

In lieu of a booksigning, Ron had a drawing for his seats for the Stars game tonight; the tickets were won by Darryl Galen, d. galen graphics!

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