DEA Meeting: Sewell Cadillac

John Anderson has known Rich Parker since the mid 90’s.  Rich gets it; he knows what you are looking for, walks you through the process, and it is a great experience!  Nobody is better in this business!

Why shop with Sewell?  Sewell has been family-owned since 1911 and has 18 locations!  They treat employees and customers like no one else!  They give a lot back to the communities they are in.  They have an amazing culture, hiring standards, and ongoing training.  Sewell has famous customer service and 19 World Class Technicians.

Rich showed us some great pictures from the history of Sewell.  The first photo from 1911 was of the first store, which was a car dealership, a general store, a movie theater, and livery stable because nobody was sure yet whether cars would catch on!  Carl’s dad worked in the store; the cars came in a box and he put them together and taught the farmers how to drive.  Carl’s dad owned a Lincoln-Mercury dealership where the Fairmont Hotel is now; for years, they had their company events at the Fairmont, because that is where it all started.

Carl Sewell’s book, Customers for Life has been a best-seller; over a million copies sold.  It’s an easy read, but a great, common-sense business book.  Rich brought copies of the Drive, a quarterly publication that talks about company celebrations and community functions they are part of.  It is amazing how the Sewell’s give back to the cities they are in!

Why shop with Rich Parker?  Rich has been with Sewell for over 47 years:  15 years as a Service Advisor, 17 years as a Service Manager, and 15 years in Sales!  Rich has been married for 33 years; they have 4 boys, 2 daughters-in-law and their grandson is 11 months old!  Rich can sell new Cadillac, GMC, and Buick vehicles and pre-owned vehicles from any dealership in the Sewell family.  They have over 2500 pre-owned cars in their inventory.  Even if you want a different brand, Rich knows a lot of people in the industry and can set you up with the right person to work with.

Highlights of the Cadillac line:

  • XT4 – Came out 4 months ago, 8″ shorter than the XT5.  They hit a home run with this SUV; it appeals to all ages!  It ranges from $36K-$55K.  This segment, with the XT4 and XT5 is where the market is!  SUV’s and light trucks are over 70% of U.S. sales right now.
  • XT5 – Bread and butter SUV; a great size; from $41K-$63K.  Rich has personally driven this car since 2010!
  • Escalade – iconic Cadillac; extremely popular, beautiful interior!  There is a new model coming in 2020!
  • Escala – a beautiful concept car!

Purchase vs lease?  It is up to the individual and how long they like to keep their cars.  Leases appeal to a lot of people who like to change cars more often.

December is the best month to purchase or lease a vehicle!  It is the end of the year for the dealership and manufacturers and you will always see the most incentives in December. They also have Costco Member Pricing, which gives you GM supplier pricing, which is the best pricing short of you being a GM employee!

If you have a wrecked vehicle that insurance won’t total, check out the option of getting a salvage bid from the body shop and combine that with the insurance money to get a new car.  Wrecks also affect the value of your car, even if repaired beautifully; it will appear on the Carfax and sometimes it can only be sold for salvage.

“A” leads are indirect leads or “all others”.  “B” leads are direct leads or “between members”.  “C” leads are “continuous” leads.  Rich showed a long list of current DEA members he has helped with vehicle purchases; he greatly appreciates you allowing him to help!

The Booksigning is at Sewell Cadillac at 7310 Lemon Avenue.  Come by any time now through December 17th (they are only closed on Sunday) and sign the book, have a cup of coffee, visit with Rich and look at some cars if you would like.  Rich will hold a drawing next week from those who attend the Booksigning.  The winners will receive their choice of a Cadillac (except CTSV!) for a weekend, a $50 DEA gift certificate, or Carl Sewell’s book!

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