DEA Meeting: Safe Haven Pest Control

Keith Brown introduced Michael Bosco with SafeHaven Pest Control.  Keith was shocked at the impromptu introduction request since SafeHaven has such incredible communication skills!  Keith and Michael have been friends for a long time and Keith feels he learns something new whenever he spends time with Michael!

In 1955, Michael’s great-uncle started Rid-All, the 30th pest control company licensed in the state of Texas!  In the ’80’s, his Dad purchased the business.  Michael grew up in the business, treating houses at 12-years old.  He purchased Rid-All and rebranded to SafeHaven in January 2014.  They currently have 3 certified applicators, 4 technicians and 1 apprentice technician.  Their team went on a cruise in January and visited the Bosco family “compound” recently for a weekend retreat with 4-wheeling and a lot of fun!  Michael’s job is to create a good, team culture!

In 2002, Celeste (now Michael’s wife) called Rid-All about chinch bugs and his Mom referred her to Michael, who owned Soils Alive.  Celeste didn’t have chinch bugs; she wasn’t watering enough, but he thought she was too demanding to have as a client.  She followed up with an email, they went to a ballgame, and now have a happy family!  They have a son who is a Junior at Tech and their 10-year old son is going to be starting at St. Marks this year.

SafeHaven specializes in pest control Bundles, which establish preventative programs to ensure there aren’t pest problems.  Bundle services give you a lot more value.  They also handle specific, individual pest needs.

The majority of their customers have the Sapphire plan which includes 6 times/year service for basic treatment as well as treatment for termites, rodents, and other pests.  Emerald and Diamond plans add mosquito control; Diamond-level mosquito misting systems usually cost $2,000!  They will come and do an inspection at no charge!

Ben Dalton asked about the spiders that are treated under the different plans.  Michael explained that it is typically the call-back services that are included in the different plans.  Brown Recluse or Black Widow issues usually become elevated in priority and service required.  Some parts of the Metroplex, like Flower Mound, have a significant Brown Recluse problem.

Ron Schulz asked what stupid things homeowners do that make the pest problem worse.  Some homeowners get boxes of bombs for fleas or bed bugs, which really just drives the bugs from isolated areas into the rest of the house and sometimes the walls.  Others read on the internet that diatomaceous earth helps with pest control and spread it around their house and it becomes a mess!  Treating ants with a non-repellent insecticide, which is 90% of what is sold at Home Depot, could split the colony and make it worse.  Some homeowners build up the mulch in their landscaping above the foundation level, which increases the risk for termites, probably 10-fold.

Rob Eads asked if there have been any new developments in mosquito control.  Michael showed us the new In2Care device developed from funding by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, especially for 3rd world countries.  Mosquitoes are the biggest killers: more than animals, pests, and even other people, combined.  This device not only stops larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes, but also causes the female mosquitoes to spread the growth regulator around other breeding sites.  These devices are not harmful to pets!  SafeHaven includes these in the Emerald and Diamond plans.

Ashley Kinney asked what is recommended for a new house.  Michael recommends you have them come out to inspect for termite risk and for rodents.  Termites, particularly the Eastern subterranean, do more damage than all natural disasters combined, causing $5 billion/year in damage.  It is not covered by insurance since it is seen as preventable damage.  SafeHaven is licensed for Centricon, the best tool on the market, which only 3% of companies are allowed to use.

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