DEA Meeting: Remarkable Painting

Ron Schulz introduced Mark Kinser.  When you drive up to a house and see paint and landscaping that is not done well, it gives a bad impression and you wonder if the house is not well cared-for.  That can all be fixed by hiring Denise Koval to do the landscaping and Mark Kinser to give it a beautiful paint job!

Mark emphasized the importance of the Remarkable Painting Experience and the value found in the 5 P’s:  people, process, perks, praises and partners.   The people at Remarkable Painting have over 400-years combined experience.  They served 110 customers and completed 260 jobs last year.  His foremen have been with him a long time and he carefully selects his crews, who are the people who leave a lasting impression with his clients.  The “Seeds of Greatness” intern program has allowed Remarkable Painting to recruit top-tier college students, allowing them to gain real-world business experience while working on special projects.

The Remarkable Painting Process includes free color consultation and sample boards.  They have just started using color samples of the “top 50-colors” to help their clients narrow down their color search.  They do most general repairs, both inside and out.  Some repairs include sheet rock repair, texturing, popcorn ceiling removal, carpentry, scraping and caulking and wood and trim repair.  After Y2K, it seems that people all woke up and decided that they hated wallpaper, so he removes a lot of it!  They even do gutter installation and tune-ups.

Remarkable Painting’s perks include no money down, a 3-year limited warranty, a 6-month touch up warranty, and a referral program.  Praises include many letters and emails from clients and receiving awards from Angie’s list for 10 consecutive years.

“VALUE is when the quality of service & experience received is greater than the price paid.”

Mark is creating a new brochure and would love to include lots of great DEA businesses in the Partners list of businesses they recommend!  Let him know if you are interested in being included in the brochure!  Mark also gave everyone Brownies from Remarkable Affairs Catering as a special Valentine gift from Remarkable Painting!

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