DEA Meeting: Remarkable Affairs Catering: Top 10 things that Should Scare You More than any Horror Movie!

Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express, met Mark McDaniel several years ago at DEA.  Mark is a great friend and a loyal client and they use him for all of their catering needs.  Mark constantly looks to improve his business and help others improve theirs!  He has great networking skills and wants to help everyone do the best they can at their business!

In keeping with the theme of Halloween, Chef Mark shared “The Top 10 Things that Should Scare you More than any Horror Movie!”: things that you should watch out for and tips along the way if you are throwing a party yourself or using a caterer.

Number 10: Hosting a party for 20 or more guests with a well-stocked bar but you don’t have enough ice!  You can prevent this by having a guest pick up ice!  They would love to be a part of the process!  This is one of the most common things that is forgotten.

Number 9:  You hire an unlicensed home chef and your guest gets sick because the food wasn’t handled correctly; hopefully your homeowner umbrella insurance is up to date!  Most food-borne illnesses happen at home!  (Remarkable Affairs also does cooking classes if you don’t know about cross-contamination and how to prevent food-borne illnesses!)

Number 8:  Serving seven warm-and-serve appetizers for a large party!  Timing can be a beast if you don’t hire a quality caterer, like Remarkable Affairs, to prepare and serve it.  Then you can actually enjoy your own party!

Number 7:  You hire Remarkable Affairs to prepare and serve the food, but opt to let guests self-serve alcohol!  If a guest walks in your house, has no alcohol, leaves, is in an auto accident and fails a sobriety test, you are still liable.  If you hire a licensed server, they can serve the liquor and mitigate some of the liability.

Number 6:  Your nanny/housekeeper serves the appetizers and doesn’t know what is in the food; you have to call 911 for a guest with an allergic reaction to the peanut oil!

Number 5:  You have a reception for 50 guests at an off-site venue.  Your caterer has never been there, doesn’t offer a complementary walk-through and now is stuck at the venue’s loading dock, doesn’t know how to get into the building and doesn’t have the ID credentials to do so.  That event will not be set up on time!

Number 4:  You are saving $10 per person on your daughter’s wedding reception, but then fees and service charges are added making the bill much more expensive!  With Remarkable Affairs, all of the pricing is all-included and upfront.

Number 3:  You hire a caterer for 150 guests and the caterer assures you that a staff of 3 will be able to handle it.  There is not enough staff to serve your party!  Chef Mark recommends 1 server/bartender for every 20-25 guests for a buffet and 1 server for every 8 guests if the food is plated.

Number 2:  Your guaranteed number to your caterer falls short by 10% so now the per person charge is going from $27 to $39.  That is the kind of math you can get if you don’t hire Remarkable Affairs!

Number 1:  You contracted another caterer because their price point was $3 less per person and you get to the end of the event and are not satisfied.  They were late, ran out of food for 10% of your guests, and the waitstaff was rude!  Chef Mark offers 100% money-back guarantee!  Their staff is professional, informed, speaks English, knowledgeable about their food and standards and rarely comes from a staffing company.

Chef Mark didn’t make up any of these scenarios, they came directly from his clients!

“If you hire us, you are loaning your reputation to us!  Our staff understands how to provide excellent service and anticipate a client’s needs!  Our food is creative, custom designed to your needs and wants, desirable and devourable!”

Remarkable Affairs Catering works with the best people and food, given the resources and occasion, treats staff and clients like family, rewards them with love and gratitude, and stands behind what they promise!

Remarkable Affairs Catering is primarily an off-premises caterer but also offers cooking classes and personal chef services.  The holiday season is upon us!  Remarkable Affairs would love to have the chance to earn your business!

Come to the Open House Thursday!  They will be rolling out all new holiday food!

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