DEA Meeting: Preferred Business Solutions

Darren Gardner, TEKS Inc., has known Cynthia Oliver for over 4 years.  Cynthia is a super nice person; probably because she is from west Texas!  West Texas people are good people!  You can tell that she takes care of her customers and that she cares and will do what she says she will do!

Cynthia shared a picture of her great-great grandparents!  She has a wall at her home with lots of original photos of family; one of her hobbies.  When not at work, Cynthia and her partner, Carol, love to be outside hiking, playing tennis, or anything active!  She also has a beautiful, mini Australian Shepherd named Brew.

Client Requests are what it is all about.  Clients want their furnishings to be congruent with their image and culture.  For example, legal offices typically want furniture that is traditional, strong and bold.  Clients also want enhanced communication (walls are coming down), collaboration, open work-spaces, comfortable (whatever that means to them), and lighting.  The results are Productivity and Retention, which leads to Profit + Profit!  The recurring theme, and where our conversations usually start:  space planning!

PBS’s forte is space planning and filling the place with furniture and tools that the client needs.  They work with many areas including lobby/reception, seating, executive offices, conference rooms, workstations, breakrooms, filing, and training rooms.  They start with CAD drawings and then interview to find out needs and tasks and then layout the space.

Cynthia shared a video that showed a wide variety of workstations and configurations.  She also shared one CAD drawing of the space plan for an entire floor!

Preferred Business Solutions differentiators:   single-source vendor, PBS Furniture team and manufacturer Rep Support (SME), custom, local showrooms, project management, installation team, and the recurring theme:  space planning!

Additional areas they furnish:  filing systems, Fire King cabinets, storage, tech areas, healthcare (like lobbies), and lighting.

Some trends that Cynthia notices:  active seating (sitting is the new smoking); seats to perch (the best position is the next position; stay moving); collaborative areas; glass, especially glass boards in conference rooms (they last for years and don’t ghost); touch-down stations, cafeteria booths, and sound-masking solutions.  Another big trend is power!  Everyone needs it for their phones and laptops; it is in furniture such as tables and chairs as well as charging stations.  Juice Mobile Power is a new product that provides safe, low-wattage, reconfigurable power that you can walk or spill on!

To find good leads, listen for people who are talking about:

  • Leasing new space  (Will this space work for our needs?  How much space do we need?  Space to accommodate growth?)
  • Getting a refresh
  • Need a chair replaced
  • Getting new logos

Half of Cynthia’s projects are not in Dallas; they work all over the nation!

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