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guaranteed-expressDomestic Logistics and Courier Services delivering Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

Mike Mirau introduced Jennifer Blakeney.  Last year, he started working with her to get her business to scale.  Jennifer grew up in that business and knows it well.  He really appreciates her commitment to learning how to take care of her customers and her leadership in her industry.  She is recognized as one of the best networkers in the country!

Jennifer has always been involved with logistics and delivery services.  Her Dad, Grandfather, and Step-Dad were all truckers, and she grew up understanding the language and the issues in that industry.  She also did books for her Mom, learning double and triple-logging.  In high school, she worked for a trucking company.  In the 80’s, she started working for Wing-Tip Courier.

Jennifer started working for Guaranteed Express in 1998.  Determined to become an expert in her field, she worked to learn all the various parts of the company.  In 2003, when the owner passed-away, they worked out a 5-year plan for her to purchase the company.  Jennifer purchased Guaranteed Express in 2009 and then another courier service in 2011.

Guaranteed Express provides urgent and same-day service with a friendly smile and attitude.  Their business comes from referrals and repeat business.

Their courier and legal service includes small package items like checks, envelopes, papers.  They also do legal process service, legal filings and pulling specific legal documents.

The logistics and white-glove service involves moving products from one location to another, typically pallet material from 1 pallet to 53′ trailers.  They can move items all across the U.S.  The white-glove service will move products into someone’s location, unpack the product and place it on the shelves, or pack up and ship your products and materials.

Their concierge service meets a wide-array of client needs.  They have purchased a shirt and tie and delivered it.  They delivered a cat from one ex- to the other so they did not have to see each other.

“I don’t tell my clients ‘No’, we find a way to get it done!”

Technology: with GPS tracking on all phones, they know where all their drivers are.  A client can log in and see who signed for their package and when.

They are a certified Women-owned business with the Women’s Business Council Southwest.  They are also certified to be able to broker packages.

Guaranteed Express has been in the DEA for 17 years, and they value all the relationship time.  Jennifer watches DEA orders, especially.  For Frost Bank, they do a lot of deliveries branch-to-branch and client-to-branch.  For Teks, Inc, they have packaged and sent electronics [even same-day to Seattle, on a Saturday].  They have delivered packages for Tom Bailey and done filings for Biggers Law Firm.  For Topgolf they delivered 40 balloons for an event.  They deliver auto parts for Sewell and food for Remarkable Affairs.  They delivered a piece of furniture to Commerce for Mike Mirau.

An “A-Lead” is any company with a 1-time need or occasional needs.  A “B-Lead” is anyone in the DEA with a 1-time need.  A “C-Lead” is any professional service with on-going needs, such as distributors, manufacturers, or other businesses.

There is no open house this week, but please go to and sign up for their newsletter.  There will be a drawing at the October 25th meeting for all of those who have signed up!


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