DEA Meeting: Peopleistic LLC

Michael Bosco introduced Gary De Rodriguez with Peopleistic.  Safe Haven Pest Control has used Gary and it has been fantastic!  Gary has done extended DISC assessments with Michael’s whole team along with a half-day event and they have become a much stronger team!  It was fun and extremely educational.
Gary is CEO of Peopleistic USA.  Having moved from Australia 3.5 years ago back to the States, he began Peopleistic USA in Dallas.  Peopleistic is a Coaching and Consulting organization which provides services to multiple markets from Youth Leadership Certification programs and working with Multiple ISD’s to Fortune 500 companies to small business Entrepreneurs.  They build leadership competencies and team performance from the ground up and at the C-Suite levels.  Their objective is to increase profit through people performance, strategy execution and brand power.
Peopleistic has offices in Perth, Australia, Dallas and Singapore.  They have done in-depth work with many companies, but no matter where they train, the premise is to make a cultural difference and to empower the teams to higher performance.
Gary presented The Six Strategies Leaders use to Increase Profitability by 75%.

STRATEGY 1  The fish rots from the head down!  If the CEO does not have the culture between their ears right, nothing else works!  The effect of dysfunction reverberating down from the top gets bigger and more toxic.  First, Gary works with the C-Suite level with Executive coaching.

Strategy 2  Hiring the right people: DISC and DISC training and Meta Programs.  One toxic team-member will destroy a high-functioning team in no more than 3 months.  You have to have the right person in the right role.  They train people on the various variables of the 4 personality styles with DISC training, including the strengths, weaknesses, and communication preferences of each style.  Team performance is based upon relationships which are based upon communication.  Meta Programs are the deepest, unconscious filters anyone has; there are about 62 of them.  When hiring, understanding Meta Programs are very important to help make sure you have the right person in the right job.

Stragety 3  Assess your culture.  Peopleistic uses both ICOM4 and the Peopleistic Team Assessment tools.  ICOM4 goes over 16 different competencies and measures the gap between what people experience and what they find important.  The Peopleistic Team Assessment is less formal, a much cheaper assessment and very fast; with 52 questions, Gary can get a pulse of exactly what the teams are experiencing and where they have a breakdown.

As Peter Drucker said, “Strategy is eaten alive by culture!”  You have to begin to look at your culture.  Our profit center is where our team member meet our customer.  If they embody the culture, the mission, and the values of the organization in that point of interaction with the customer, you have brand power.  If they do not, they will destroy every single plan, every single strategy, and every single process and operation you have worked so hard to put into place.

Strategy 4  Clarity and Strategy.  Many organizations do not have an audacious 10-year plan.  They haven’t set it forward clearly enough for the employees to buy it and be all-in.  There is a lack of clarity about where people are going.  We want to know what the end-game is and how we are contributing to it.  This is a foundational human need; you have to dream-manage your staff, so they feel they are contributing to something bigger.

As part of the strategy, you have to have product and service that is innovative and cutting edge, based upon market trends.  You need to have the technology that supports your strategy.  You have to understand what your competitors are doing and that your products and services are competitive.  You must set large, audacious 10-year goals, broken down to 3-year goals, down to 1-year goals, down to quarterly goals, down to monthly goals.  Then, you need to hold the teams accountable; if they know what they have to accomplish, they will get in the boat and row in the same direction!

Strategy 5  Develop Culture.  First, the C-Suite has to get their personal values and personal mission in alignment with the organizational mission or they won’t care enough to execute the organization’s mission.  You have to have a Values and Mission statement high enough that everybody can engage in it.

Humanistic Business: Profit through People with Passion and Purpose is the book written by Gary and the other CEO’s of Peopleistic.  It is about how to install conscious capitalism into organizations.  Conscious capitalism is when a company becomes highly profitable through extraordinarily low staff attrition rates, high talent rates and high production; as a consequence, they take that extra profit and pay it forward into the communities they are serving.  When staff members know their work is contributing back into the communities, they feel inspired by the organization and its values.

 The Mobius Model is a system of team conversation to resolve historical problems in process and operation.  You train the teams to be Intrapreneurs, which is creative by nature.  You put them into a 7 Thinking style problem solution process as a team and you set them lose on solving historical problems and generating ideas on how to plug the leaks in process and how to help in operations to resolve those things that are not working.  When you harvest the genius laterally in your teams, you start inspiring them to meet Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs top need, which is self-actualization.  Your staff see problems that upper-management will not see because they are not in the trenches.

Strategy 6  End User Discovery.  Do an end-user survey at the end of all of the process work and ask the customer what they are actually experiencing.  We miss things and want to hear from our customers.  With that feedback, we can go back to problem-solving and then innovate with our new Intrepreneurs to resolve those particular issues.

These are all strategies that have been proven to work.  Humanistic companies outperformed the Good to Great companies:

  • Over a 3-year period from 75% to 73%.
  • By 128% to 77% over a 5-year period.
  • By as much as 1,206% to 331% over a 10-year period, because of the extended brand power that they established.

Business success is kinda like baking cookies…you must have the right ingredients AND the right process to remain successful.

Whether you are a sole-preneur or you are heading up a larger team, it is still going to be about the culture between your ears.  You have to get that into a place where you set your audacious goals, you believe, because your reality is only based upon what you perceive.  If your filters are filled with limiting beliefs about yourself, your possibility and capability, you are not going to take the risk that you need to take to go to the next level of your success.  There is no growth in your comfort-zone.  There is only growth when you are uncomfortable and stretching yourself beyond what you think you can do.  You have to face your fears, be uncomfortable and go out there, get the right strategies with the right processes and then success is sustainable.  Do not become complacent!

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