DEA Meeting: NextStep Coaching

Mike Moore introduced Tim Niermeyer and Steve Longo with NextStep Coaching.  Steve has been in the printing industry for over 34 years; he and his wife have 2 children and have lived in Plano for 20 years.  Tim has worked for over 28 years in consumer packaged goods industry with companies like PepsiCo and General Mills; he and his family are also long-time Plano residents.

Steve and Tim started NextStep Coaching two years ago to help college students “Successfully transitioning from College to Career.”  NextStep is a detailed one-on-one program providing students with the competitive edge required to find success in the internship and job search process.  They have a 100% success rate!

The main reason for college is to get employment.  College is an investment of $84,000-$178,000 and going up.  About 8.5% of college graduates between 21 and 24 are unemployed; almost twice the national unemployment rate.  Fourty-four percent of recent graduates (22-27 years old) were underemployed – in a job that did not require a bachelor’s degree.  More graduates are living at home:  13.6% of 25-34 year-old Americans were living with their parents in 2012.

NextStep Coaching is your insurance policy for your college investment!  Their process includes:  assessment, a game plan for a successful college experience, resume development, interview prep, and networking and communication skills!  There is detailed one-on-one coaching through the process!

They have worked with a variety of majors with students in universities across the country.

Their target client is parents with college age adults.  “A” leads are anyone you know that has college age adults.  “B” leads are anyone in the DEA that has college age adults.  “C” leads are companies, organizations or businesses that would allow NextStep to speak to their group.  People who are NOT a good referral are High School age kids or established professionals.

DEA: Call to Action!!  Unleash the power and networking of DEA members with your kids, grandkids, in-laws and outlaws, neighbors, friends, and business associates with college age kids.  Or, are you looking for an Intern or full-time hire?

NextStep can be reached at:, 972-804-1200 or Text 77513 and type: Steve.

DEA Special offer:  NextStep will provide a resume review for all DEA member College Students – $400 value at no charge!

NextStep Coaching Open House:  May 4th, 5-9PM at Tim & Teresa Niermeyer’s house:  5800 Roswell Dr., Plano, TX  75093.

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