DEA Meeting: New York Life

Ron Schulz introduced Braden Howell.  Ron finds that most finance people don’t know what they are talking about.  Not only does Braden know his stuff, but he actually cares:  you can trust him!

Braden introduced his Dad, who was a member of the DEA for many years, and thanked McShan’s for the beautiful flowers and those in the room that he has been able to serve!  He loves what he does, is very passionate about it and does not take it lightly when you trust him with your business.

Braden shared a hot stock tip, that he cleared with Kevin Taylor, first!  This stock is with an established company in America, with about 5-6% annual growth and has paid a dividend for 164 consecutive years, tax-free!  Their primary, core business has built-in cost-control, built-in measures to help prevent loss, and their stock can only go up!  It is life insurance from New York Life!

Braden answered the question:  how does someone end up in life insurance?  He is supposed to be playing for the Dallas Cowboys; that was his big dream.  Braden grew up in Dallas and went to TCU, where he realized that God made football players and he was not one of them!  He got a degree in journalism.  In college, he met the love of his life, Rebecca; they are now married with three kids:  Caleb, Landry, and Finley.  They are his pride and joy!  Tom Landry’s priorities were:  faith, family, football.  Braden’s are faith, family, and what he does:  New York Life!

Out of college, he went to work for the Dallas Morning News and worked 3-midnight.  He listened to co-workers talk with their kids about the games that the parents missed while they were at work and he realized he didn’t want to work those hours.  He went to Atlanta and worked in media relations for the Braves.  After awhile, he realized that no one’s life was any different because of what he did.  Braden moved back to Dallas for family and money and worked for a company where a lot of executives ultimately got indicted!  He realized he didn’t want to be where someone held money over his head.  He got engaged and the company moved to Kansas, so he stayed here.

Braden started this job to be able to control his schedule, control how much money he made, be able to help people and do something that mattered.  He had no plans to work for an insurance company but realized this is important work; it truly is “work with a mission”.  He chose New York Life because they cared about him and the practice he would build; he has been there almost 12 years!

If you love someone or a cause or owe someone money, there is a need for what Braden does.  New York Life may be more expensive and sometimes they are not a fit.  However, most of us have competitors whose products or services cost less and that is generally because they aren’t as good.  Don’t you want to protect your family and protect them with a company that is going to be around, that has been here for 174 years?  Braden has gotten phone calls from widowers and daughters letting him know that someone has passed away and he is able to say “it is going to be okay; we have planned for that”, instead of some stranger in a customer service center reading a script asking for the death certificate.

The #1 New York Life adviser for a decade died 9 days after a recent diagnosis of leukemia.  It happens; we want to be prepared and make sure your families are taken care of.

New York Life insurance is the goose that laid the golden egg in finance.  You can take a loan out of your New York Life insurance policy (for a car, for example), pay it back over time with interest, and still have whatever your loan money would have grown to, as well as the death-benefit value.  New York Life treats it like the loan money never left, all tax-free!  It is called indirect recognition!  Where else can you use your money and have it growing for you while you are using it?  This is not a feature exclusive to life insurance; this is exclusive to New York Life!  Competitors give lower dividends for policies that have loans on them.

Braden also loves the company culture of New York Life:  doing the right thing because it is the right thing!  They are a mutually-owned company and do not have to answer to shareholders.

Great leads for Braden are anyone who likes guarantees and investments that only go up and wants to take care of those they love!

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