DEA Meeting: My House Fitness

Joy Simar introduced Bud Terrell with My House Fitness.  Bud has changed Joy’s life just by knowing him; in addition to keeping her on track with her fitness, he has the biggest heart of anyone she has ever known and she could not recommend anyone more highly!

Bud was born in Okinawa Japan, his family is from Alabama, he grew up outside of Annapolis, MD and his Dad was a spy for the NSA.  He met his wife Caryn when he was 13; they have been married 26 years.  They have two children:  Jake is a Senior at North Texas and Julia is a Freshman at Oklahoma State.  Bud was a competitive swimmer.  He graduated from Lafayette College in mechanical engineering and worked in engineering and supply chain roles with Kingsford Charcoal, Bic, Colgate-Palmolive and Cytec Aerospace Materials.  He was in NYC for 9/11.

Why fitness?  Bud swam about 5 hours a day in High School and College.  When he was in Corporate America, he was stressed, eating poorly, working long hours and traveling and reached 275 lbs.  He realized he wasn’t going to make it unless he changed something.  Both of his parents really didn’t take care of themselves and died of cancer.  His passion was really in teaching and helping people change their lives. God opened up an opportunity for them to open a My House Fitness.

My House Fitness is a small franchise based in Orlando; there are two in the Dallas area and about 15 locations all around the Country.  “My House Fitness” refers to your body which is the house of the Holy Spirit.  So, you are taking care of God’s temple and the one thing you have in life that you really can’t undo any damage you do to it.

Typically, we prioritize everything else in life besides our health, but we only get this shot.  People often don’t understand the cumulative effect of a poor diet and lifestyle.  His passion is to get people to realize you have to make changes now.

My House Fitness is a private personal training studio, by appointment only.  It is a small, intimate environment, made to take care of you, personally, and your goals.  Training sessions are about 30-45 minutes.  About 80% of clients come twice a week and they do some additional work outside the studio.  There is no membership fee or long-term contracts.  About 80% of their clients pay about $250/month, which is amazing for personal training; a lot of personal trainers charge $100/session.  You begin with an assessment and reevaluate every 30-days against your goals.   People come for a reason and My House Fitness wants to make sure they are progressing toward those goals.

Every client is unique, from teenagers to those in their 70’s.  Some want to loose weight, some need flexibility; others know they won’t work out unless they have accountability.  They do nutritional advice and guidance.  There is flexible scheduling from 5:30 in the morning to 8pm.  It is a fun, clean, and safe environment.  The first workout is free, to give you a chance to experience the studio and trainer.

They also offer On-Line Personal Training, which is great for people who travel or can’t easily get to the studio or who have memberships at other clubs or gyms but don’t want to pay the price for their club’s personalized training.  They have partnered with Derick Mendoza, a Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Seattle Mariners Organization, who designs the workouts.  It costs less than $100/month and provides mobile access to your workout that is customized just for you and your goals.  You get a warm-up, 2 unique strength training sessions and a cardio workout which are updated weekly and then completely changed monthly.  Assessments are conducted at the studio and you have access to ongoing support each month for exercises, issues, nutrition, etc.

Ideal clients are those who place a priority on health and wellness and value time and results; brides and grooms (short-term need); 50+ age group (longevity); those who have given up or don’t know where to start; yo-yo dieters, or people who need accountability partners.  Everything they do is sustainable.

The Book Signing is Thursday, April 20th from 4-7pm at My House Fitness:  8200 Preston Road, Suite 125, Plano 75024 (NE Corner of Rasor Blvd & Preston Rd).  They are half a mile off the Tollway, just south of 121.  Join us for a great opportunity to see the studio, meet the team, and see why they are different.

Questions and Answers:

Some companies have wellness programs that will offset some of the cost of the fitness program.

It is surprising how people know how many calories they eat but don’t consider the nutritional value of what they are eating.  Most people don’t eat enough protein.

Most of their clients pay $250/month for two sessions/week with a trainer and nutritional advice.  All clients fill out a food log every week (food logging stinks but it is the most effective tool for weight loss) and receive coaching and guidance.  They give homework to do, with the expectation that you will be working out 3 to 4 times a week with two of those at My House Fitness.

After being open for just a year, they are now the number two franchise in the country!

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