DEA Meeting: Moore Insurance

Scott Scribner introduced Mike Moore.  Scott shared three, little-known facts about Mike: one shows hard work, one is very cool, and the other one is very un-cool!  For over 25 years, Mike was a basketball referee in Dallas.  Mike also landed an airplane on an aircraft carrier.  And, Mike disposed of elephant poop!  Mike was born and raised in Dallas, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High and Vanderbilt University; he has been married to Chris for 43 years with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Mike was a U.S. Navy pilot and has been in the trash business, fire and restoration, office executive suites, and now Property and Casualty Insurance since 2008.  Mike was the DEA president in 1999 and his grandfather was the DEA president in 1941!  Mike’s bucket list: go to Machu Picchu!

[Mike shared great stories about his first landing on an aircraft carrier, as well as his only opportunity to dispose of elephant poop!  If you missed the full story, you should ask him!]

Moore Insurance is an independent agent, operating under a managing agent (Iscential) in Houston.  They represent companies you have heard of like Nationwide, Progressive, Travelers, Hartford, MetLife, Texas Mutual, Zurich, Allstate, and more!  In the high-end markets, he can provide coverage through Pure, Chubb, AIG, Cincinnati, Nationwide Private Client, and others.

Mike provides insurance for both Residential and Commercial needs.  He is often asked why it costs so much more to insure a commercial truck than a personal truck, so he did some research.  Some of the reasons are that commercial trucks:  travel faster in all gears, accelerate faster – leaving tire marks on the pavement, enjoy much shorter breaking distance – leaving more tire marks, take bumps at twice the speed, can travel 100+ miles with the oil pressure light on, are adapted to allow the transmission to be shifted into reverse while going forward 25 mph, tire walls are designed for bumping into and over curbs, unusual and alarming engine noises can easily be eliminated by turning up the radio volume, and all company trucks have dents in the body inflicted by “not me”.

Mike can write Business Owners Policies, which is a combination policy covering liability and property.  They also have Workers Comp, Auto, Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions policies are very important.  If you are on the board of a non-profit board and they do not have Directors and Officers insurance, either get the coverage, or resign from the board!  The personal liability is too high to not be covered!

For personal lines of coverage, Mike told a story of Jack trying to report a claim, and finally saying, “Mike, you tell me what is covered, and then I will tell you what happened!”  If you are only going to read part of your insurance policy, read the “Exclusions” section so you will know what is not covered!  For personal property, Mike can write policies for home, auto, umbrella, excess liability, boats, ATV, golf carts, builders risks, scheduled property (jewelry, guns, art), flood, renters, mobile home and rental property.

Mike thanked the 17 members in the DEA who have policies with him!

An “A” lead a referral for an insurance quote for any non-DEA member.  Mike especially loves State Farm clients!  A “B” lead is one of you who needs Mike to review your insurance and give advice or give you an insurance quote.  For a “C” lead, if you have a policy with Mike, you can put down a “C” lead every week!

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