DEA Meeting: Maude Cejudo, Inc.

Mark McDaniel was delighted to introduce Mike Mirau…who introduced Maude Cejudo!  Mike first worked with Maude 6 years ago after a shoulder injury led him to 4 chiropractors and 3 orthopedics and almost to surgery.  He nicknamed Maude’s “Helga’s house of pain”, but the next day he felt relief and two days later, he had full range of motion and the pain was gone!  When anyone in his family is in pain in some way, they call Maude first.  She is a miracle worker!  Maude continues to get better at what she does; she is even getting another doctorate degree!

Maude really appreciates Mike Mirau; he worked with her at the beginning to get her business going!  One of the hardest things was to describe Manual Therapy.  Basically, if you have an injury, Maude restores the movement which brings the whole function back.  Even if the injury is 30-years old, she can still do it!  She wanted to thank Marcello who brought her into the DEA eight years ago!  He said she needed to be in this group, and he was right; it has been a definite benefit for her and her business!

Manual Therapy has gone from scientific study to an art-form; she has gotten better at it with age.  Maude can evaluate your body and tell you if there is a chance function can be restored, or there is some time before surgery or if you need to go see a surgeon right away.  Some people come to see her to get a diagnostic opinion about what to do next.  She is conservative care.

Maude has finished her PhD!  The paper is finished and has been submitted; she just needs to do her orals!  Out of the 11 patients in her doctoral study, 9 were from this group or referred from this group!

Maude has been working in the Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy field for 25 years.  Before, she came from Rehab/Neuro, but now is really orthopedic.  Maude brought her favorite skeleton to help us visualize the tiny rotator cuff, which is the first one to go.  To qualify for her study, people had to pass three tests:  poke the rotator cuff and it hurt, raise the arm overhead and it hurt and then twist the arm down and apply pressure and it hurt.

In the study, the patients did exercises and received joint mobilization, which was for restoration of the movement.  Lynn Zeto helped Maude understand the brain control, which sends out information to the muscles after you get hurt; things tighten up and everything changes.  You have to turn off the brain connection and make sure that all the joints get moving.  All 11 people in the study got better functional movement and with the exercises, gained more strength.  They used weighted pulleys with a solid weight, which proved to be much better than elastic bands.  Ultrasound showed the tissue healing, that inflammation went down and blood flow increased with treatment.  This has not been shown before!  This is huge in her field!  This will make their program on exercise the golden rule for physical therapists to use!

Maude thanked all of her patients who came and made all 13 visits to make the baseline and then do the treatment.

For those of you who have seen Maude all through the years, she would appreciate reviews on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Maude’s goal is to offer any information you need and the make the best treatment possible for you or your family.  She wants to offer the best care for her people, which includes the DEA!

Join us for the Booksigning at Maude’s house Thursday from 4-7.  Chef Mark will be providing great food with a Cajun twist and has ordered the appropriate number of bottles!  Maude’s address is 11457 Lamplighter Lane, Dallas 75229.

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