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Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending, asked everyone to think back to that first apartment you had when you first got out of school, or jail, or wherever it was that you spent your youth.  You most likely had a nasty couch, mismatched chairs, and an entertainment center made from 1×6’s and bricks – we all had it!  If you would like to avoid all that and have people walk into your home and exclaim over its beauty, then you need to work with Julie Grant of Julie Grant Interiors!  Ron has used her on several projects and has always been beyond pleased with her work!

A year ago, Julie stood in this very spot and showed a slide of Notre Dame Cathedral at the beginning of her presentation.  It is part of her ongoing story and history.  When Julie was 19, she went to Europe to study abroad and it changed her life and how she saw things. She spent 6 months in Salzburg, Austria studying Arts & Humanities and fell in love with it.  It changed the course of her life, it changed what she studied, what she did, and expanded her thoughts.  Last year, she had the opportunity to spend 18 days directing a group on a tour in Italy and France.  The Notre Dame Cathedral was one of the items that they would see on the trip.  She had explained the history and importance of it, and everyone was impressed by its beauty when they saw it.  As they were getting ready to leave the Cathedral, she realized there was an important sculpture she had not seen – the Virgin of Paris.  So, she and another member of her group went back in to find it.  Fast forward 8 months from that time, April 2019, the Notre Dame Cathedral was in flames.  Julie showed pictures of the loss and damage to the cathedral.  But she was thrilled to find that the sculpture she went back to see, had survived along with many others!  Gothic cathedrals are a part of Julie’s life and this one was built 850 years ago, took 182 years to build and will now be completely rebuilt in her lifetime.  And she has made the commitment to go back and see it once it is completed!  Art has a way of getting into our hearts, minds, and becoming part of our story.

She also shared a picture of the Burghers of Calais sculpture, created by Rodin, that commemorates a moment in time in the Hundred Years’ War, when Calais, a French Port, was under siege by the English for about eleven months. The city was told to hold out at all costs, but Philip IV of France, could not lift the siege.  Starvation eventually forced the city to parlay for surrender.  Edward III of England, offered to spare the people of the city, if its six prominent leaders would surrender themselves, presumably for execution.  Edward demanded that they walk out wearing nooses around their necks and carrying the keys to the city and castle.  This sculpture depicts their self-sacrifice and heroism, but also their agony and anguish of what is ahead of them.  Julie realizes that the thing she loves so much most about art besides the figures and forms is the story it tells and how it affects her life.  Her clients come to her because they also have a story that has a need or a want or a desire.

Julie started with a picture of a “little” house, stating that she does all sizes of jobs!  This house was for a client she has worked with for over 20 years who loved cats. The house wasn’t for her, but for her 12 cats!  Julie added electrical, lighting, special flooring and even HVAC for her client’s cat house in the backyard.  She shared other beautiful pictures of projects she has done.  One involved an extra room off the Master Bedroom that the client wanted to move her bathtub to, but Julie convinced her to keep her tub in the bathroom area and make a sitting area instead.  This client also needed to finish other areas of her home for entertaining.  Julie added more color and life to these rooms with furniture, paint, and accessories. She loved all of Julie’s designs and added even more spaces for Julie to complete.  Now her client has a home she is proud to have guests enter!  She continued with pictures of Michelle Spangler’s, Infused Oils and Vinegars, new store.  This was a commercial space that needed a complete makeover and was a challenging process for all involved.  Julie worked with Michelle to create the perfect design and layout, including suspended ceilings, tasting table area, and product displays.  Another client in Willowbend needed help renovating their Family Room and adding storage as they were downsizing to a house half the size of their previous one.  Julie removed an existing built-in fish tank to create a wall of built-ins to accommodate the clients much needed storage.  She also transformed their heavy outdated Kitchen by removing excessive cabinet trim, altering the layout, and finishing with lighter finishes, including gorgeous countertops and backsplash. We also saw pictures of a Master Bathroom shower that she made feel much larger and open just by expanding the shower glass.  One Highland Park client didn’t know what to do with her home, which included her Family and Dining area.  The current dining area was pushed up against a fireplace hearth, they actually sat on the hearth when eating at the table.  Julie moved the dining area out closer to the Family Room, which gave it its own space and function.  She added a seating area by the fireplace.  The client loved it so much and said that area is used every day and one of their favorite places to gather.

Now, what happened to the Burghers of Calais who were to be executed?  Their lives were spared by the intervention of England’s Queen, who was pregnant at the time, and persuaded her husband to exercise mercy by claiming that their deaths would be a bad omen to their unborn child.

Good clients for Julie:

  • Someone whose story has a need
  • Someone whose story has a wish
  • Someone whose story has a want

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  1. Erika Herman says:

    What a fantastic presentation this morning! So informative. Loved hearing about all the art and history at Notre Dame. So glad you got to see it again before the fire and what a great trip to plan to see it after! Your work is great and I loved seeing all your before/after photos! I know you were a great help when we were trying to pick out colors in our home and I was completely overwhelmed! Keep up the good work!

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