DEA Meeting: Julie Grant Interiors

Ron Schulz introduced Julie Grant with Julie Grant Interiors and said she is like the Wizard in Oz!  When people come into Ron’s home and exclaim about his amazing taste, he doesn’t mention Julie and the work she did to renovate his house!  She is truly the one standing behind the curtain making you look good!  She is always there and finishes the job with the utmost integrity!

When Julie was 19, she went to Europe to study abroad and it changed her life and how she saw things!  She thought she would be teaching the arts and humanities of Europe for the rest of her life, but sometimes careers take a turn.  She has now been doing design and remodeling for several decades and has loved it!  This summer, Julie spent 18 days directing a group on a tour in Italy and France.  She showed us pictures from that trip, emphasizing some of the beauty she saw there that carries over into what she does every single day!  Julie loves architecture; it is satisfying for her and she wants a space that she has done to be satisfying in the same way.  Julie loves color and what it can do to transform a space.  She also loves it when a craftsman can take an inanimate object, whether stone, wood, or fabric, and make something beautiful, whether that is a sculpture or a transformed room!

Julie shared more about her design business, which centers around design and remodeling, furniture and accessories, and consultation.

Design & Remodeling

Julie showed us beautiful pictures of some of the remodeling projects she has been working on this year.  One kitchen remodel transformed a dark kitchen to one that is light and bright that her client loves!  (Gold is making a return, though she still does a lot in brushed and polished nickel.)  Drapes and color changes in some of the adjacent rooms made it look like a completely different space!  Another remodel was for a client that wanted a more contemporary, sparse look, changing the flooring to a blonde wood and giving the fireplace a wrapped-stone look.  We saw pictures of a bathroom taken down to the studs, opening up what had been a chopped-up space.  Julie showed another house with new flooring, paint, and light fixtures that added great flow and color!  The fireplace she redid had 48″ tile so there weren’t seams all around it; she also added blue-silver accents at the base of the logs, which sparkle when the fireplace is turned on and adds to the color of the room.  Another remodel involved a home she consulted on when it was built so she had selected every knob, flooring, brick and piece of furniture.  Now, the client wanted a more transitional look and  Julie showed us some of the transformation of the paint, carpeting and furniture!  One home in Willowbend she just finished involved removing columns from the living area and removing walls in the kitchen, changing what was cramped and difficult to a beautiful, open space.

Furniture & Accessories and Consultation

Julie consults on projects every day: on designs, colors and selections.  She works with furniture and accessories to finish a space once it has been done.  Julie can do anything from complete design from beginning to the end, furniture and accessories, or just confirm your choice of paint colors.

Good clients for Julie:

  • “I do not have time or expertise to select my furniture or design my room.”
  • “The holidays are coming and I need/want new flooring or…”
  • “We are remodeling/building, and I am just so overwhelmed!”

We don’t see our own spaces accurately and it always helps to have a someone else come in and look objectively at your space!

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