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Julie Grant with Julie Grant Interiors shared about her design business which centers around Design and Consultation, Furniture and Accessories, and Window Treatments.  She works with her clients to learn their design style.  Julie can do anything from complete design from conception to installation or just confirm your choice of paint colors.

Ron Schulz introduced Julie Grant.  Ron said he most appreciates Julie’s style and integrity.  He trusts her to handle the project and she always turns it out perfect and on-budget.

Julie was raised in Dallas, along with three older brothers and one younger sister, and went to Richardson High School.  She attended Brigham Young University on a tennis scholarship.  As a Sophomore, Julie studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, and that is where she changed her focus to the humanities.  After graduating, she returned to Salzburg to teach.  Later, Julie worked for the Utah Arts Council and Voices of Change as their Arts Manager, among several other positions she held.  Julie has been working in design since 1988.

Design and Consultation

  • Paint color selection is critical in any room or project. Julie understands the importance of color and is often brought in to help make sure the colors chosen will bring about the result the client is wanting.
  • Julie also works with new home design and home remodeling. Some of her projects have started with the basic conceptual design of the building and included selection of building stone as well as the interior design.
  • “Comfort, Confidence and Counseling” are her emphasis. Clients need the confidence to know that when the project is done, it will look like they want it to.
  • “Help…I am completely overwhelmed!” – a phrase that is music to Julie’s ears! She is ready to help in any part of the process from rugs to accessories to decision making!


Furniture and Accessories

Julie showed before-and-after photos of some homes she has decorated.  One client wanted their whole house decorated the day they closed on it so he just had to come with his toothbrush that night.  Julie and her team got blinds, art and furniture all in place that day and it looked beautiful!  Another client had two special chairs they wanted to use and she designed the room around those chairs.

Window Treatments

  • Window treatments change a room instantly!
  • Their aesthetics effect is an important element of the total design.
  • Functionally, provide heat and light control, save on energy costs, and protect floors.
  • Done incorrectly or with wrong fabrics can be an expensive disaster! Julie specializes in window treatments and does some window treatment consulting for some other high-end designers.


Good clients for Julie:

  • “I do not have time or expertise to select my furniture or design my room.”
  • “The Holidays are coming and I want new flooring or…”
  • “I’m overwhelmed!”


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  1. Julie presented us with a great overview of what she’s become an expert at…home remodeling, window treatments of all kinds and giving specialized services to her clients. Julie’s personal touch is what keeps her clients returning for work on their additional homes, new homes that are purchased, their businesses and many other projects throughout the years. Her clients can need as little as a color picked out or as much as the entire home ready to move into as soon as they close. Contact Julie at http://juliegrantinteriors.com for more information.

  2. Rob Eads says:

    Great presentation, Julie! Looking forward to the booksigning on Thursday.

    And many thanks to Richard with Your-Web-Guys.com for schoolin’ us on how to make comments on this page.

  3. Janell says:

    Thanks for the wonderful presentation Julie! Loved seeing all of the pics. I need to call you in to help me with my formal living room which still has a full size gorilla basketball goal in it from my children’s sports days! Bet you’ve never seen that one!

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