DEA Meeting: Julie Grant Interiors

Julie Grant with Julie Grant Interiors shared about her design business, which centers around window treatments, furniture and accessories, and design and remodeling.  Julie can do anything from complete design from conception to installation or just confirm your choice of paint colors.

Ron Schulz introduced Julie.  She does not drink, cuss, gamble, or smoke, yet Julie calls Ron her friend!  What she does allow Ron to do, as one of his best friends, is take total claim for how good his homes look when people come over!  For those of you who are looking to make all of your friends jealous and be able to take all of the credit for it and to have the most trustworthy, wonderful person to work with to make it happen, use Julie Grant!

Julie was raised in Dallas, along with three older brothers and a younger sister.  She attended Brigham Young University on a tennis scholarship.  Julie studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, and changed her focus to the humanities.  After graduating, she returned to Salzburg to teach.  Later, Julie worked for the Utah Arts Council and Voices of Change as their Arts Manager, among several other positions she held.  Next year, Julie will celebrate 30 years in the design business.

Window Treatments

Window treatments change a room instantly!  Their aesthetic affect is an important element of the total design.  Functionally, they provide heat and light control, save on energy costs, protect floors and furnishing, as well as provide privacy.  Julie specializes in window treatments and does some window treatment consulting for other high-end designers.

Julie showed us pictures and samples of a variety of window treatments.  There are 4 1/2″ louvered blinds which you can hardly see when they are open.  Cellular shades are very heat/cold efficient and are available in translucent up to a complete black-out.  Designer screen shades are very popular and are available in many colors and very different opacities; they can be motorized, cordless or corded.  Drapes are icing on the cake!  Julie showed us pictures of drapes she did for one of the 100 largest houses in Dallas as well as drapes she did at the Ritz!

Furniture & Accessories

Julie can provide furniture and accessories for your home or office, whether your style is soft contemporary, transitional or traditional!  Often people don’t have a vision of what things are going to look like.  Julie will pull together a display of different things she is going to use for the space.  Her clients can come in to the furniture warehouse and see immediately the overall scope of the project.

Design & Remodeling

Small projects can provide big changes.  Sometimes people don’t have a vision of what making just a little change in a house is going to do.  Julie showed pictures of a variety of remodels she has done recently.  She made small changes to one house that that made a big difference!  Julie recently did a couple of large kitchen remodels.  One remodel involved knocking out walls, raising the ceiling, adding fabulous cabinets and a huge island!  Lighting is an important part of the final look!  Another remodel involved new flooring, some new cabinets, a new backsplash and a fabulous granite!  One great bathroom remodel took a very odd bathroom configuration and opened it up for greater function and accessibility.

Julie can also work with clients building a house from the inception to the end to make sure the final look is fabulous!

Good clients for Julie:

  • “I do not have time or expertise to select my furniture or design my room.”
  • “The holidays are coming and I need/want new flooring or…”
  • “We are remodeling/building, and I am just so overwhelmed!”

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