DEA Meeting: Innovative Roofing

Scott Scribner introduced Ken Teagle.  Ken is the owner of Innovative Roofing and the coolest guy Scott knows!  He has an extensive wine collection, is a world traveler, skier, scuba diver, big-game hunter, makes a phenomenal brisket and throws a great party!  The best part is he hunts rattle snakes!  He is also a great roofer with a great company!

Ken expressed appreciation for all past and present DEA members who have done business with him!  The DEA has been really good to him!  Ken was born in Shreveport and grew up in Houston.  Ken went to trade school after high school and became a certified welder.  After working as a welder, he decided college sounded like a better idea!  He went to college at Abilene Christian University.  Ken has 2 daughters: the oldest is a nurse in Missoula, Montana and the youngest is graduating from CSU in veterinary medicine.  Ken married Maurine 7 years ago.  Ken showed us some great pictures of his hobbies which include:  hunting, fishing, golf and BBQ!  He also used to water ski, and showed us his results which were a shattered leg and some additional hardware to fix it up!

Ken showed us some of the roofs he has done.  Standard, composition laminated shingles comprise about 95% of roofs in this area.  He also showed us beautiful Da Vinci Slate, a slate-look composition shingle, and stone-coated steel shingles, a metal roof which imitates a shake or tile roof.  Ken can be there to meet with the insurance adjuster so you can have someone represent you and make sure you get a fair settlement.  He can walk you through the insurance claim process if you have storm damage.  If there is hail, think of Ken and send friends and family his way!  He is happy to assess any roof you think might have been damaged or need replacing.

The roofs they can’t help you with are few and far between!  They can do pretty much any roof except a teepee!  No job is too small!  In addition to roofing, they also do gutters, patio covers and car ports.

Ken showed us tempting pictures of smoked meat, wine and beers and invited us to all come to a party at his house this Thursday from 5pm-8pm or until Uber comes!  You will even be able to watch the NCAA March Madness game with ACU and Kentucky!  The party will be at 7230 Midbury Dr, Dallas!

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