DEA Meeting: Infused Oils and Vinegars

Maude Cejudo introduced Michelle Spangler.  They are both from southern Louisiana and their grandparents even lived in the same area!  Michelle has a wonderful cookbook of authentic Cajun recipes that everyone needs in their house!  Infused Oils and Vinegars has the perfect gifts for business associates, friends, or even to help make some great food at home!

Michelle is a Louisiana Cajun girl from Lafayette and got a degree in Mathematics and Statistics from USL.  Her first job was with TI.  Michelle’s husband, Leigh is an entrepreneur and successfully built and sold Latitude Technologies.  Their daughter, Shannon, is 26, lives in New York City and is an actress.  Their son, Blake, is 21 and is a senior at Georgetown.  Moxie, their Labradoodle, completes their family.

Michelle’s first career was with TI from 1984 to 2005.  She programmed Tomahawk missiles from 1984 – 1993, managed the test floor in a Semi-conductor factory from 1993 – 1998, worked in the Wireless Broadband Business unit from 1998 – 2002 and then in External Manufacturing with 3rd-party suppliers.  For her second career, Michelle became a Certified Culinarian in 2011.  Michelle is the author of Cook ’til Done cookbook featuring authentic Cajun recipes.  She was the Chef for Family Gateway and then a caterer.

For fun, they have a house on Lake Texoma.  Michelle loves music:  she is a classical pianist, church handbell choir director, and sings in church choir.  She is an avid reader (mostly historical fiction) and the leader of her book club.  Michelle is dragged to concerts by her husband and they have been to a lot of them!

How did Michelle get to Infused?  She was hired as a demo chef for an event and then hired to regularly work as a demo chef.  Michelle purchased the business last summer and rebranded it as Infused Oils and Vinegars in November, 2017.  She has a 2-year strategy to make the business profitable!

Olive Oils

Michelle sells Ultra-premium Olive Oils.  (Our eggs this morning were cooked in her Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil!)  They carry 8 to 10 non-infused high-quality olive oils, from a mild to a robust flavor.  They have oils infused with all kinds of flavors:  fruits, herbs, and spices!  These products make cooking easier!  Michelle says, “it turns ordinary to extraordinary!”  Their oil supplier is Veronica Foods Company and they have set a new standard for olive oil.  Ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has tighter requirements than the USDA; we know where and how the olives are grown and the oil is produced, it is fresher, healthier, and better!

Balsamic Vinegars

Michelle has about 30 flavors of balsamic vinegars!  Balsamic is aged up to 18 years.  They have both white and dark balsamics, infused with fruits, herbs, and spices.  They bring these vinegars in from Italy and infused them here.  They have have no artificial sweeteners, additives, flavors, thickeners or colors and are not pasteurized, so they have good probiotics for good gut-health!

Events & Classes

Michelle has hands-on demonstrations and classes, private classes for up to 10, Charity groups of up to 50 (Charity Mondays), and tasting events.  She does a pasta class, a salad class, and one teaching how to make marinades or salad dressings and other techniques.

Wholesale Business

They have a small wholesale business working with restaurants, caterers and others.

Gift Baskets

Infused selle great sampler gift baskets for foodies, staff, clients or even a Mother-in-law!  There are themed gift baskets which are great for client appreciation gifts; they are memorable and unique and you can brand the recipe card with your logo or even the back of the beautiful cheese board, which can be engraved for your client or friend.


They are expanding into infused honey, vanilla, and sea salts.  Soon they will have Artisan tea and infused maple syrup!  They are opening a second location at Snyder Plaza as a pop-up store for the holiday season!


A-Leads:  Consumers who want healthy, natural ingredients in their home cooked meals; consumers wanting easy ways to get more flavor in their meals; groups who want to schedule private cooking demos; or charity organization events.  B-Leads:  Michelle would love to work with any of you about staff and client corporate gifts!  C-Leads:  Michelle turns A-leads into C-leads, but also appreciates referrals to caterers, chefs and restaurant owners.

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