DEA Meeting: Halo Branded Solutions

Michael Bosco introduced Chris Boots.  Michael is wearing a Halo Branded shirt, because that is what he wears every day.  Chris does great work on all of their stuff and has great customer service!  He takes care of Michael’s team!  If it is something that you use, you can brand it and stamp it and get your logo out there.  He highly recommends you all use Chris!

Chris said he is blessed to be in the DEA!  He has done and received a lot of business here!

Halo Branded Solutions delivers promotional marketing solutions.  They do a lot of big corporate accounts like Amazon, Wendy’s, and the American Cancer Society, to name a few.  They were founded in 1952 and are headquartered in Sterling, IL.  They have 900 account executives across the US and did $720 million in business last year!

Brand integrity is very important to Halo!  They follow brand guidelines to a T to display brands in the most appropriate way and consistently across all products.

Halo’s core competencies include Branded Merchandise, Web Stores, Recognition Solutions and Global Sourcing.

Why use branded merchandise?  Promotional products provide long-lasting and repeat exposure.  Promotional products are used at least once a week by 73% of people and 84% of people using promotional products keep that product for more than a year. Also, 74% of consumers have a promotional product in their work area.  Look around your offices and see whose promotional products you are using.

Halo can provide branded merchandise for calendars, glassware, beach towels, recognition services and so many other products.  They can get creative with where they put your brand.  They also deal with many luxury brands like Nike, Under Armor, and Yeti.  Halo publishes a magazine annually or they can send you information on a monthly basis if you like to see new products and ideas; just let Chris know.  One company did a large corporate trip and sent two mailers out prior to the trip as touch-points keeping the trip in front of their team.  Some companies offer new customer kits that sales teams can give out.

E-commerce Solutions:  Halo can provide one ordering platform for approved marketing items linking multiple locations.  It becomes an online store for your brand.  It can be added to your company recognition program, as well.

Warehouse Distribution: Halo can warehouse your products in their fulfillment centers in Sterling and Houston and has a 99.94% success rate getting the products delivered in 24 hours!

Why Recognition? Showing appreciation helps with employee retention.  Halo will work with your company to discover what you are trying to do and create a road map for that.  What touch-points are you looking to create?  When do you want to thank an employee?  Recognition programs can be set up for memorable milestones or immediate recognition when someone has met a large goal.

Global Sourcing:  If they don’t have it, they can custom create it for you.  They work directly with factories over-seas and locally to create the privately-branded product you would like.  Halo provides great quality control and has fully vetted their vendors.  With the size of Halo, you get high-quality apparel at lower prices, even with your own branded line.

If you are thinking about doing branded products, have a one-on-one with Chris and see what you can achieve, together, with your brand, whether it is for your employees, customers, or whatever touch-points you are hoping to create!

An “A” lead is anyone who brands themselves in some sort of way.  No company is too big or too small; they can do local, national, or global business. “B” Leads:  Chris is happy to sit down with each of you to discuss possibilities.  “C” Leads: continuous programs like calendars, pens, note pads; a lot of companies order the same products each month and that can be simplified and set up as recurring scheduled products.

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