DEA Meeting: Halo Branded Solutions

Keith Brown introduced Chris Boots.  There is an advantage to having your promotional products “out in the wild!”  It gives a chance for your brand to speak for you when you are not there.  Audio Video Innovations has used Chris for 4 or 5 products and he is always responsive, fast, and easy to work with!

Chris was born and raised in Dallas!  His wife is Aimee and their daughter is Savannah Noel.  Chris loves spending time with family and friends, golf, fishing, snowboarding and anything outdoors!  Chris attended Collin County Community College and then San Diego Golf Academy, studying course management, course architecture and to become a teaching pro.  Chris also graduated from UNT with a marketing degree.

Halo Branded Solutions delivers promotional product solutions.  They are headquartered in Sterling, IL, and are one of the top 3 in the industry in sales revenue.  They have 300 employees behind the scenes in departments like R&D and customer service, 500 account executives across the US, 45,000+ customers, and 300,000+ orders processed a year!  Their expertise includes decades of dynamic growth in the industry, with a 98.3% on-time delivery!

Each client is unique.  Each need is different.  Every result is exceptional.

Halo is the industry leader with customer satisfaction of 98% and 95% of customers repeating their buying experience.  Halo offers online and traditional marketing support, employee incentive programs (showing appreciation helps with employee retention), time-sensitive promotions, global product sourcing and distribution, as well as in-house art and design creation.  Their service reflects personal commitment to the success of every project for every client by being proactive, responsive and excelling in tight deadlines!  Some of their local clients include Southwest Airlines, Exxon Mobil, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Top Golf.

Promotional products provide long-lasting and repeat exposure.  Promotional products are used at least once a week by 73% of recipients and at least once daily by 45% of recipients.  The top 3 promotional products that get the most exposure are:  bags, hats, and writing instruments.

Halo can do everything from small-scale to large-scale.  They can buy in bulk, warehouse the product and then release and invoice as needed.  That also provides the benefit of company-wide, pre-approved promotional products.

An “A” lead is any company looking for new exposure.  No company is too big or too small; they can do local, national, or global business.  (Not softball team jerseys!)  “B” Leads:  Chris is happy to sit down with each of you to discuss possibilities.  “C” Leads would be companies with recurring scheduled products.

There will be no booksigning.

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