DEA Meeting: 5 Pillars of Creating Extraordinary Results!

Michael Bosco introduced Transformational Speaker and Success Coach, Mat Shaffer with Habitude Warrior International.   Mat’s main goal was to remind us of the power we have to create change in our own lives.

Matt is a recovering lawyer!  He just didn’t enjoy the profession, but he is happy that he was able to change his life.  What is your relationship with change?  Do you make “shift” happen?  Or, is life something that happens to you?  This is the 1 fundamental decision that can shape the entire direction of your life!  The greatest way to make shift happen is to change your habits and your attitudes, your “habitudes”.

5 Pillars of Creating Extraordinary Results:

 1.  Goal Setting and Achieving

Closing is not all there is!  If you just go up to a stranger and ask for their money, without laying the foundation, it is a crime against the process and that person.  The process starts with us and with the foundation we have laid to achieve our goals.  Mat challenged us to rate ourselves on our success with setting and achieving goals.  Nationwide, 3% of people effectively set and achieve goals!  If you do, you are ahead 97% of everyone else.

To be effective, your goals only need to be specific, measurable, and have accountability.  Whatever outcomes you are getting, don’t take it personally.  It is just feedback and information you can take in to make shift happen in your life.  You want to be failing at least 30% of the time, or you are not setting your goals high enough.  We are prisoners of our comfort zones.  Failure is a better teacher than success will ever be.  We also need to be accountable by writing them down and declaring them to other people.  It is best to have an accountability partner with a degree of separation from you, so they can be more objective and can help you understand what is working and what is not in your business.

You need to be able to answer Why?  Why are you doing what you are doing?  Tie your “Why” with an experience you desire!

2.  Effective Time Management

The present moment is the sacred gift we have been given.  It is about prioritizing your tasks.  Prioritize using the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule):  we tend to spend 80% of our time focusing on stuff that only creates 20% of our results.  We focus on what is easy, familiar and keeps us busy.  When we don’t know what is important, we default to easy.  Busy = broke.  We don’t want to focus on easy, we want to be effective.  We do that by focusing on the 20% that generates 80% of our results.  These are the things that are hard, uncomfortable, and cause us fear!  Identify the things you are afraid to do and recognize that is what is standing between you and the transformation you want in your life.

3.  Prospecting

We are all meeting and connecting with new people in our lives.  Prospecting involves lead generation and lead management, where you bring people in as clients.  Establish yourself as an authority to your target audience, so you are a resource to the people you are trying to serve.  Consistently give valuable content to your target audience, with no sales pitch.  Be that person who is different by giving them value; that will establish trust.  To turn leads into clients, track your touches (points of contact); it takes 5-9 touches before closing the sale.

4.  Relationship Building

Our 1st impression is the most important:  how you show up!  Am I demonstrating that I am open to connection?  Don’t mirror their lack of trust.

5.  Closing

The main secret of closing:  ask for the close!  Don’t ask them what they think; they will start thinking about why they don’t want to do the sale.  People make decisions in their heart.  Thank them for any objections:  it is an opportunity to re-frame and re-present.  To money objections:  “I’m not trying to be your low-cost provider, I am your low-risk provider.”  You are re-framing value!

People don’t get the results they want in their lives because they don’t have a positive mental attitude.  You cannot save someone who is committed to being a victim.  Successful people are aware of four factors in their lives:  what they watch, read, listen to and the people they surround themselves with!  You want to be inspired by the things you expose yourself to!

The Habitude Warrior Conference is April 11-13 in Dallas with 33 “Ted Talk” style speakers from all over and Mat invited everyone to attend with a guest for only $499!  Just contact him and let him know you are with the DEA!  It is a great business-building, networking, sales-skill developing event!

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  1. Matt Shaffer from Habbitude Warrior International did a great presentation on how to get results from your efforts and contacts.

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