DEA Meeting: Guaranteed Express Courier Service

Darren Gardner with TEKSInc. introduced Jennifer Blakeney.  When Darren joined the DEA 3-4 years ago, Jennifer was one of the first people he met.  Jennifer has over 20-years in logistics and transportation experience and is the President and CEO of Guaranteed Express, which has been in the DEA for 19 years.  She is a great networker and is very involved in the WBE Council and recently earned the Volunteer of the Year award.  TEKSInc uses Jennifer 2 or 3 times a week now for many different shipping needs.  He appreciates her unique and customized solutions and that she is always on-time!  He really enjoyed using her FedEx service recently to send a thumb drive to New York for $40; that service would have been $100 if he had gone directly through FedEx!

Jennifer is married to Vinnie and has a son who is 26; together, they have children Kimber and Landen.  They love watching and playing sports!  They try to travel to Chicago once a year to see the Cubs and are big Stars fans.

Guaranteed Express started in 1985, working primarily with travel agencies, mortgage companies, as well as with blood specimen and organ transportation.  Jennifer started working for Guaranteed Express in 1998.  In 1999 they started their first, very large legal service.  It became a Certified Women Owned Business in 2003.  Jennifer purchased Guaranteed Express in 2009.  Also in 2009, they started moving more freight as the legal work with courts became more online.

Guaranteed Express works with professional service companies like attorney firms, CPA firms, mortgage companies; local, regional, and national companies; city municipalities, state and federal government; manufacturers, distributors, suppliers; logistics brokers and individuals.

Their courier and legal service includes small package items like checks, envelopes, papers, gift baskets, food deliveries, mail runs, legal documents, mobile notaries and specimen samples.  They also do legal process service, legal filings as well and retrieval and research of legal documents.

Their concierge service meets a wide-array of client needs including purchases, errands, and picking up dry cleaning.  They front everything and get it delivered.

Their logistics and white-glove service involves moving products from one location to another, typically large and palletized material.  They move many different kinds of products such as electronics, auto machine parts, printed materials, landscape materials, Amazon shipments, spools of wire, trade show equipment and materials as well as general commodity freight.

Guaranteed Express recently added overnight services, like the FedEx shipping Darren mentioned.

Technology: with their dispatch board, they know where all their drivers are, what deliveries they have on them and what their next stop is.  A client can log in and see who signed for their package and when.

They are a certified Women-owned business with the Women’s Business Council Southwest.  They are also certified with the TSA and Texas Courier and Logistics Association, as well as many others!

Guaranteed Express has a client and vendor relationship with most of the people in DEA.  Jennifer appreciates everyone’s business and the ability to refer members!  It is a great testament to the DEA and how it works to grow our businesses.

An “A-Lead” is anyone with a 1-time or occasional courier or transportation needs.  A “B-Lead” is anyone in the DEA with a 1-time or ongoing needs.  A “C-Lead” is any professional service with on-going needs, such as distributors, manufacturers, or other businesses.

There is no open house this week, but please go to, like them on Facebook at guaranteedexpresscourierandlogistics and follow them on twitter @Gxcourier and LinkedIn.

Guaranteed Express has about 15 employees, mostly drivers; they have 4 or 5 staff in their office.  She is very involved in the company, has a servant-spirit, having learned customer service at a very young age.  She likes logistics because it is different every single day; you are given a huge puzzle and you have to make the puzzle fit.  They try to keep a 97-98% on-time rating, despite employees, traffic, weather, and other issues.

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