DEA Meeting: Atomic Design & Consulting

Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control, gave an impromptu introduction of Jackie Bese, Atomic Design & Consulting in Jeremy Bermender’s, Atomic Design & Consulting, absence.  Jackie started his career at JCPenney in the early 90’s in the Comptroller’s department.  After building their first intranet, he decided to start a digital marketing agency building websites.  He also founded a local group called Social Media Breakfast.  After a long run of successful businesses with former partner, Stephen Brown, Jackie bought the entire agency in 2018 and now operates as a single owner.  Jackie has also been a distinguished speaker at dozens of notable events; namely the American Advertising Federation, B2B CFO, Texas Leadership Forum, and Social Media Club of Dallas.  And if that doesn’t impress you, Jackie is also recognized by the federal courts as an SEO expert witness as the result of his testimony in a federal case in 2017.  Away from work, Jackie is passionate about playing guitar, attending concerts, craft beer and top shelf scotch, helping non-profits, and rooting for the Dodgers…I mean the Oklahoma Sooners!

Jackie discussed your Dallas Digital Marketing Roadmap with a new way to look at your sales funnel and ways to amplify your brand online.  We use to look at putting people through the top with marketing efforts and kind of push them through to create customers.  Now it is more of a wide wheel where we find strangers and a way to attract them, engage them and make them promoters of our business!


                 FUNNEL                                               WHEEL

What is the easiest way to get new business? Referrals, right?  How do you engage, delight, and surprise these existing clients in order to have them refer more business to you and make the wheel spin faster.  You have to eliminate any friction!  Increasing your customer experience 10x is much easier than trying to make your product 10x better.  There are some simple steps to help process customers through your sales cycle faster, make them happier and therefore refer more business to you.

One way is to use a Digital Marketing Process Calendar.  Some benefits of having a process calendar: faster, consistent, easier turnover.

Ownership Audits: making sure you know who holds your domain, what email it is registered under, etc.  Another factor is employee engagement and having employees support your business through social media.  Social media posts reach more audiences if posted by an individual rather than a business!  Location management keeps important business information correct and up to date.  Responding and building up reviews is a must for businesses today.  Google, for instance, will list searches starting with businesses with the most reviews.  The more reviews you have the farther to the top you move!  And lastly, BE REMARKABLE….give your customers a reason to talk about you!

How do we use digital media to amplify our business? We are in a mobile first world right now, 80% of people use a smartphone as a way to search for businesses.  Mobile-First Indexing uses different images, information and links on a phone versus a computer.  He used one of their clients, Bone Daddy’s, as an example.  The website features a beautiful, mouth-watering picture of a brisket.  However, if you are on your phone, the brisket picture is removed.  Why?  Because people searching for a restaurant on their phone are looking for 2 things only : location and menu, so they bring those things to the front using responsive development tools.

Adding Chatbots are also a great way to engage customers.  They are easy to use, shorten your sales cycle, scale conversations, guide the prospect, qualify leads and can even book appointments!  There are also great scheduling items available which eliminate the back-and-forth emails trying to find a convenient time for both parties.

Lastly, using Email Marketing strategies.  This is one of Jackie’s passions!  If you have not emailed your existing client base and asked for referrals, do it today!  Ways to grow your list – Text to Join, Exit Intent, Instant Offers, Landing Pages, Integrate, Promote In Store, Segment and Provide Value!  Also, use Facebook Custom and Look-A-Like Audiences with your client lists.  This will find other lists similar to your existing clients likes and send ads to them.  Re-marketing follows links customers have searched and continues to pop up.  For example, if a customer has searched for shoes – pictures of those shoes will continue to follow them through other searches.  Finally, Listings Management finds all the duplicate listings for your business, corrects and updates the information and locks it down so users cannot change or edit it.  You can also create a special listing on one site and it will change or advertise it on all sites.

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