DEA Meeting: Emerald Business Solutions

Braden Howell introduced Steve Ward.  Steve graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in advertising.  He has been in sales for 40 years and is currently an account manager with Emerald Business Solutions.  Steve is passionate about serving!  He is a deacon in his church, serves with AWANA and with his troop as an Eagle Scout!  Steve has also served with Back On My Feet and the Dallas Run for God ministries.  Steve loves running, biking, swimming and camping!  He took Braden’s father’s advice and married above himself with his lovely wife, Susan.  Together, they have 4 grown children and are expecting their 1st grandchild in March!

Emerald Business Solutions is still doing credit card processing and strives to provide the best price with the best service available to you!  They have now added medical billing analytics to complement what they do for their customers in the medical industry.  This would benefit any medical doctors, physical therapists, speech therapists, dentists or chiropractors; just not veterinarians.  Emerald Business Solutions is working with Synergyworks, experts in medical billing, to bring the system called Doctrix, which provides medical practices with the technology to get a better financial return.

As a patient, sometimes we have each had to get medical services that required us to submit the insurance forms ourselves.  Often after about 40-days, you get a notice that it is being looked at and 30- days later a similar letter, then after 60-days, you get a generic letter that it was filled-out incorrectly, please correct and resubmit.  This is the same problem medical providers who file insurance claims deal with every day.  Doctrix helps medical providers get the insurance companies to receive the billing and pay it on time!

Emerald Business Solutions will work with the medical staff to provide a smooth transition to Synergen Health medical billing, which is HIPPA-approved.  They provide zero billing and backlog clearance for all types of practices and a customized dashboard to view the work.  The software is designed to help with medical claims of all kinds.  They are experts in Medicare and Medicaid and other Federal payer billing.  They guarantee that they will improve your return on insurance billing or they don’t do the work!

They will do a custom analysis free of charge!  The analysis includes:  patient visit, drug cost, reimbursement, cash flow management, aging revenue and denial management.  They will set up an appointment to run the analysis on your system and provide a complete analysis of what they promise to do.  You can sign up your medical practice to use their service without any long-term contract!  Their system is cloud-based and secure to protect you and your practice.  They go through an audit 4 or 5 times a year to make sure they are doing everything they can to prevent hacking into the system.

With Doctrix, you can expect end-to-end revenue cycle transformation to help increase revenue by 15-20% and implement processes that are efficient, scalable and compliant.  More specifically, you can expect 99% of claims submitted within 48 hours, 90% first-time payment rate, and 99% of claims resolved by 90 days!  Dashboard and billing information are accessible on any device, from phone, tablet or computer.

Doctrix is a great solution for doctors who are concerned about their current collections, multiple medical offices with one billing department, and business managers looking for better returns on claims.  Good referral partners are CPA’s, financial advisors, or business bankers who work with medical practices.

Let Emerald Business Solutions be your partner in medical and credit card technology!  Call Steve for a free review of your current services!

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