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Bud Terrell shared: if you don’t know the power of digital marketing and online reviews, both how it could greatly benefit your business or hurt your business, Charles Musech is great person to get with.  We greatly underestimated that power, but it is now something we are utilizing and we are a customer of Charles.  The tool they offer, especially for the price, and what it delivers to you as a business owner is pretty powerful.

Charles is the Chief Revenue Officer for eEndorsements, with 27 years of sales and business development experience, with positions in automotive, ratio advertising, oil and gas investments, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Stars and Chase.  He and his wife live in McKinney.

Charles is from Minneapolis and moved here to join his wife (married in 2005), who is in her 25th year with UPS.  He met his business partner when they worked at Chase and they purchased eEndorsements and took it over January 1, 2016.  They launched a new platform about 90-days ago, which gives additional capabilities and makes it easier for their developers to add features.

Most people are aware of reviews and online reputation management and what they can do for your business.  eEndorsement’s platform provides a process and a discipline to regularly get reviews from your clients.  Even if your clients remember to give you a review, they don’t know where you want it.  eEndorsement’s platform helps drive that review transaction to make sure it is easy for your client to give you a review and for your client to put that review in the places you want it.  We are always going to say great things about our business, but it is more important what your clients say about you.  Positive reviews will help drive down any negative reviews you might have and make the business look better in the digital domain.

Their system has a simple survey for your client.  Then, if the review has a high enough rating, based on criteria you establish, it will auto-direct your client to Google (and other sites), copy their comments and ask your client to share their review.  Then they will receive an email asking them to verify their review and then they will be redirected to the next review site.

With eEndorsements, every business gets a search-indexed profile page so the public can see your reviews and connect with you.  Every business also gets a website feed, so the reviews are shown on your website.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to set up your account.  You can send review requests from the platform, but most businesses have review requests sent automatically to clients.  Or, you can embed the survey link in an email template.  You can select which reviews (only 4 and 5-star, for example) are posted and the day and time the reviews are shared, or you can manually review and share each review.

Charles recommended that everyone go to “Google My Business” and set up a profile, if you don’t already have one.  This will help drive your local search.

The DEA website eEndorsements business page has a link for a 25% discount for Dallas Executives Preferred Partner Pricing.  Forward it to your friends; that is fine, as well!

The best way to handle bad reviews is by getting more positive reviews.  Ultimately, bad reviews have been determined to be a Freedom of Speech issue, and generally nothing will be done about them.  You can also use this platform to respond immediately to a bad or mediocre review and resolve their concern, instead of having bad reviews sitting out there that you don’t know about.  If you show interaction and responsiveness in solving a problem on a bad review, that can be as good as a great review; it shows authenticity.

Leads eEndorsements is looking for:  resellers (web design, SEO), enterprise (mortgage, Real Estate), franchises, and integration partners (like invoicing systems).

There is no Open House/ Booksigning this week.  Next Tuesday, there will be a drawing for dinner for 2 delivered by Remarkable Affairs Catering!  To enter, go online and find out something about your business that you didn’t already know, or set up a Google My Business profile and email it to Charles Musech at  All emails received by noon on Monday the 22nd will be eligible for the drawing.

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  1. John Anderson says:

    Looked up a competitors sight and found out they have two models being Desertified by the end of the year.
    And that a good thing..

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