DEA Meeting : Dr. Janell Kenny

It is not very often after exiting a dental office that I have a smile on my face or do most other people, said Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending.  But when he visits Dr. Janell Kenny’s office, that is what happens!  It is a unique experience from the time you enter the door until you leave – she makes visiting the dentist a pleasure and she is here today to tell us more about her dental practice.

Dr. Janell Kenny, DDS, began by thanking McShan Florist for the most fabulous and beautiful arrangement that brightened up her office!  Dr. Kenny owns Superior Smiles which specializes in Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.  Dr. Kenny’s DEA history began back in August 1973 when Dr. Jimmy Nelson joined DEA.  In 1986, Dr. Tom Blackwell bought the practice from Dr. Nelson and continued with the DEA membership.  In 1994, Dr. Kenny bought the practice from Dr. Blackwell and continued the DEA membership.  So, when she began with DEA in 1994, her practice had already been a member of DEA for 21 years.  And Dr. Kenny herself has been with DEA for 25 years, so that is a cumulative of 46 years that her practice has been in DEA.  She also served as DEA President from July – December 2013.  DEA has been incredible to her and her business would not be what it is today without the support of DEA! She greatly appreciates everyone who has trusted her with their dental care over the past 25 years!

Dr. Kenny has been married to the same wonderful and supportive husband for 31 years.  He came to DEA today to support her but to also make sure she kept that part in her presentation!  They have two adult children, Courtney, who is married with one child (her precious grandson!) and she is an incredibly talented photographer.  Kyle, 26, thus far, an avowed bachelor and is an electrical engineer.  Her passions in life outside of faith are family, dentistry, her pups, and scuba diving!

Since it’s 7:45am and she is pretty sure no one is super excited to look at a bunch of teeth slides, so she is going to ease into it!  She and her husband took an adventure this summer, that did involve teeth, to Fiji and did a world-renowned shark dive.  Dr. Kenny showed numerous pictures of her close-up encounter with a 17-foot tiger shark!  He was a massive creature that swam so close that he slapped her in the face with his tail and almost knocked her over.  What an adrenaline rush!  She also showed several pictures of bull sharks that would swarm the area, 30-50 of them at a time.  Bull sharks are smaller, faster, more aggressive and have attitude and may be a little more hazardous to your health!  Sharks would also be a lot friendlier without sharp teeth and if they had teeth more like people!  Enough about shark teeth, let’s talk about people teeth….

Dr. Kenny is a general dentist which means that she does all kinds of dental procedures, such as, fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, etc. – she does it all!  Today, she wanted to talk about an area that she is very passionate about, cosmetic dentistry.  Dr. Kenny showed several before and after slides of smile enhancements, which included examples of veneers and chairside bonding.

Dr. Kenny took a tooth break to show a picture of her pups, they have a lot of pups!  She runs 4 of her big pups 5 miles a day!

Back to teeth, Dr. Kenny showed several more slides of chairside bonding, you cannot tell the difference between the real teeth and where the bonding was applied.  And this procedure is done in about 2 hours.  She also can do what she calls Instant Ortho.  This works well for someone who has crooked teeth but doesn’t want the years or cost of orthodontic work.

After showing a few pictures of her family, especially her grandson, Dr. Kenny went back to talking about teeth!  She showed one picture where she used chairside bonding and veneers to create a beauty queen.  The patient had come in to get work done for a beauty pageant and she won – Miss Texas!  She also had a patient who flew all the way from the UK to have her cosmetic dental work done.  Lastly, she presented a picture of a patient with full mouth reconstruction which ended with a beautiful aesthetic result but also no more pain from TMJ!

She wrapped up her presentation with more pictures of her amazing scuba dives including puffer fish, royal blue starfish and sting rays.

Julie Grant asked what the difference was between veneers and chairside bonding – a veneer is where they take an impression of your tooth, send it to the lab, and the lab creates the porcelain and that is bonded to the tooth, this takes about 2 weeks.  Chairside Bonding is simply adding bonding material to the teeth and can be done that same day, in about 2 hours.  The other difference is that veneers will never change color and chairside bonding may, over many, many years start to discolor and may need to be re-done.  Chairside Bonding is also cheaper.  Both are beautiful, but one might need attention down the road.

Chris Clausen also commented that he has sat in all 3 of Dr. Kenny’s dental chairs and she is by far the best!

Check out more about Dr. Janell Kenny and her services here!

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