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d-galen-head-shot-9-21-16Mike Mirau introduced Darryl Galen, whom he has known for 10 years.  Darryl is great at following-up and meticulous at making sure everything is right!  His daughter is an accomplished ballerina.  He graduated from the University of Toledo and the Cooper School of Art, where he became a CPA: Certified Production Artist!  Darryl opened his business in 1980 and is one of the best branding experts in Dallas!

Darryl challenged everyone to expand your brand!  Refreshing graphics GET YOU NOTICED!  Concerning your marketing program: be direct, be specific and focus on making more money!

d. galen graphics has successfully developed and implemented advertising programs for some of the most recognized companies in the Metroplex. One of their recent print media graphics is a 3-D custom-built sign for Presbyterian Hospital of Plano; the large teddy bear really stands out!

d. galen graphics specializes in brand identity and takes logo design very seriously. Your logo is the window into your business identity and should inspire customers to imagine how your brand will fit into their life. As a design firm, they take great care into implementing the strategy, analysis, artistry and identity behind your logo.  Their goal is to design your logo that inspires trust in your brand!

d. galen graphics can help you expand your brand with effective marketing plans, creative ad graphics and promotional products that will get you noticed so you can grow your business and make more money.

Darryl showed several video brochures he can develop!  They combine a print brochure with video.  The video brochures are available in 4.3”, 5”, or 7” screens; and available by the end of the year: a video business card These business cards have the front and back the size of a typical business card, but open up to show a video screen that can play your marketing video!  All of the video cards come with a USB to recharge them or to use to install a new video.  These video brochures vary in price from $20-$75 per unit, depending on the size of the video display and the quantity ordered.

Darryl designed the DEA’s Invitation Card, which is displayed on the DEA website.  He also designed the referral card for the Health Resources Group for the DEA.

For DEA members: the first business consultation meeting is free!

An “A” lead is a friend or client who is planning to improve their business brand.

A “B” lead is a DEA member who is planning to improve their business brand.

“C” leads are manufacturers, wholesalers, or business professionals who need to update their marketing plan.

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