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Maude Cejudo introduced Darryl Galen with d.galen graphics.  Darryl is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but came to Dallas in 1980.  His wife is Lyndette.  His daughter, Shay, will start at SMU this fall.  Their dog, Oreo, rounds out their family.  Darryl presents a debonair, 007-look, and is always impeccably dressed.  But Darryl is an outdoors person who loves fishing, snow skiing and cooking!  He is a gourmet chef who makes fantastic, artistic chocolate!  His bourbon moonshine is “to die for!”.

Darryl showed us pictures of his family!  His daughter, Shay danced with the Colorado ballet and then the Texas Ballet Theater.  She has recently taken 6 months off and is now starting at SMU, majoring in fashion media and dance!  Oreo will be turning 16, but is still an energetic little rascal!  Darryl also showed us some fabulous pictures of lots of fish he has caught!

Coming together is the beginning, thinking together is progress and working together is success!

At d. galen graphics, they are marketing and branding experts!  They can design cool ad graphics to sell your products, services, or both.  They can help you expand your brand with effective marketing plans, creative ad graphics and promotional products that will get you noticed so you can grow your business and make more money.  Darryl showed us several of the logos and marketing campaigns he developed for companies.  One of them was a 3-D, custom billboard for Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, built by the same company that builds the Chick-fil-A cows.

d.galen graphics specializes in brand identity.  They take logo design very seriously. Your logo is the window into your business identity.  As a design firm, they take great care from the correct use of font to the actual identity design; they explore every option to develop a logo brand that will represent your company.  They take great care in implementing the strategy, analysis, artistry, and identity when designing your company logo.

Brand identity doesn’t stop with just the logo.  Font-usage builds brand-awareness if used properly.  The use of colors is important; colors inspire strong emotions.

Darryl showed us some amazing brochures!  His business-card brochure looks like a very thick business card, but unfolds to show a full-page, 2-sided brochure.  His roll-fold brochure allows you to showcase many different departments or products in one brochure.  The tri-fold brochure opens up as a bust-out brochure; people play with it and don’t throw it away or put it in the back of a drawer!

d.galen graphics has several sizes of video brochures they can develop!  Darryl worked for 25-30 months to get reliable vendors and now the quality is excellent and the price-point makes it competitive and it is a cool marketing tool!  These combine a print brochure with video.  The video brochures are available in 2.4” to 10″ screens.  The smallest is business-card size and can record up to 15 minutes of video.  The jumbo business-card size has a 3″ HD screen and can record up to 2 hours.  Typically, Darryl recommends 2-3 minute videos so you don’t lose people.  All of the video cards come with a USB to recharge them or to use to install a new video.  These video brochures start at about $25 per unit, depending on the size of the video display and the quantity ordered.  Control buttons are normally $1 each, but Darryl is offering free control buttons through December 31st!  These are great to use when you are presenting a proposal to one of your clients and you want to set yourself apart from the competition!

The first business consultation meeting with a client is free!  It gives Darryl the opportunity to get on track with who they are, what they do, what they sell, and how he will be able to help them market their business and create new business.

An “A” lead is a friend or client who needs help to promote and brand their business.

A “B” lead is a DEA member who needs help in creating, branding, designing, and implementing new markets of business to capture to grow your business and improve your bottom line.

“C” leads are clients on retainer or a consulting basis for a specified length of time.

d.galen graphics has 38 years of success, results and satisfied customers!  We get you noticed and make your business look great!

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  1. Darryl Galen has some of the best marketing materials I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for crisp and clean graphics along with unique marketing materials call Darryl Galen with d.galen graphics.

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