DEA Meeting: Craddock Lumber

Denise Koval introduced Marcello Guercini, owner/operator of Craddock Lumber.  Marcello was born in Florence, Italy and went to college in London.  Marcello had a company in Italy that manufactured machinery for the plastics industry.  He started at Craddock in 1982.  Marcello is a Past President of the DEA and the Dallas Italian Club!  Craddock Lumber has a wide array of building products and Marcello has built a really fine company with customer service, bar none!

Who is Craddock Lumber?

Craddock Lumber was founded in 1947 by Marcello’s father-in-law, Mr. Dan Craddock.  Last July, they celebrated their 70th anniversary, in the same location!  Marcello has been with the company for 35 years.  They are a small, family-owned company with 16 employees.

For residential needs, Craddock lumber offers a full line of framing lumber, treated lumber, fire rated lumber, plywood, insulation, moldings and engineered products.  They also offer material for decks, arbors and pergolas in redwood, cedar, treated lumber and man-made products like Trex.  They have a great variety of siding.

For commercial interior finish-out, Craddock stocks a full line of studs, sheetrock, sound and thermal insulation, fire treated lumber, plywood, and can supply all brands of ceiling tile and grid.

For cabinet shops, Craddock has a large selection of plywood, furniture-grade hardwood, a full line of molding, cabinet hardware, and any brand of plastic laminate.

For industrial applications, Craddock supplies material for crating, heat-treated and kiln-dried wood.  They also cut plywood and lumber to size for shelving, pallet racks, and whatever you might need!

Marcello showed us a new Rustic Barnwood product that looks beautiful on walls and other places like a covered patio.  They also offer some great products from Ram Board including floor protection and door jamb protection.

Why do business with Craddock Lumber?

Craddock Lumber offers personal service!  Call and get answers to your questions right away.  Craddock has experienced people with knowledge and understanding of the local market.  All of the sales people and the people in the yard have 15-20 years experience in the building industry!  No one can beat them on delivery:  they offer the same-day or next-day delivery service!  They offer good service and good quality at a reasonable price!  Marcello can also recommend workers you might need for a project!

“A” leads are anyone that you know that needs building materials.  “B” leads are any of you that may need building materials.  “C” leads are continuous leads.

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