DEA Meeting: Cornerstone Chem-Dry

John Anderson introduced Erika and Randy Herman, the owners of Cornerstone Chem-Dry.  Erika and Randy met in 2002 on a Chem-Dry cruise and married in March 2004 in Hawaii, the day after a national Chem-Dry convention!  They have been with Cornerstone Chem-Dry for 24 years, and serve the entire Metroplex!  This year, they expanded by investing in Delta Disaster Services of NE Dallas and SE Collin Counties.

Erika and Randy have three children:  Trent works for them, Kaitlin is married and going to BYU, and Travis is in school and playing football for Southwestern University in Georgetown.  When they are not working, they are usually playing on a motorcycle, surfing, on their ski boat, watching Travis play football or just enjoying each other’s company, somewhere!

They have been doing restoration services with Chem-Dry for many years.  Randy had the opportunity to go with the CEO of Chem-Dry to look at Delta Disaster Services and realized they had been doing it backwards when it came to restoration services.

They started with Chem-Dry here in 1994 and have expanded to several counties and territories.  They opened an office in Oklahoma City.  It is so easy to do business there, they can’t stop the business from growing!  In June of this year, they started with Delta Disaster Services.  They will have their Grand Opening next week, and everyone is invited!  The services Delta offers are restoration for water and flood damage, mold, fire and smoke, contents cleaning, personal property, as well as full build-back and reconstruction.

They are the top 1% in the industry for education!  They are Water Damage and Advanced Structural Drying certified, Mold certified in the state of Texas, as well as Fire and Smoke certified, with lots of insurance knowledge!

“We Show Up”

Delta will be there within 2-hours!  Their seal of safety means that all of their employees are drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained.  This is really important because their workers go into parts of client’s homes where they don’t usually allow anyone!  It just depends on where the smoke and water went!

“Full Service”

“One loss, one call, one company!”  Most mitigation companies come in and cut or tear up the property, dry it out, clean it up and leave without putting it back together because that part takes weeks and months.  Delta makes the commitment to stay with you from start-to-finish and put it back together!   “We get your home or office back to pre-loss condition!”

Randy recommends you place your Delta Disaster Services Sticker on your hot water tank!  Water loss is the #1 loss in residential homes!

Randy told us more about Chem-Dry, which is now in 56 countries and is the largest network for carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning.  Cornerstone has received the Corporate Service Award and has been a Chem-Dry Franchisee of the Year in 2002 and 2013!  They are also in the Presidents Club, which is the top 5% of Chem-Dry companies.

All their technicians are employees (not subcontractors), use Chem-Dry equipment, maintained by their mechanic.  They have dedicated account support staff.

Chem-Dry has Healthy-clean technology, which has won national awards.  They use a carpet cleaning chemical called “the Natural” and use 80% less water because of their patent to carbonate the cleaning solution.  This allows them to break the soil away without getting the pad wet or using high-pressure.  This process removes 98% of allergens from carpets and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria, improving indoor air quality.

Randy would love to give a puppy away with every carpet cleaning, because they are so cute!  Pet urine in carpet goes right to the pad.  It is acidic when wet, but turns alkaline as it dries and forms salts which never let the pad fully dry.  They identify where pet urine is with black lights and a hydro-stick which senses moisture of 18% or higher.  Their Pet Urine Removal Treatment (PERT) removes 90% of the stain and all of the smell!  Randy tested many new Chem-Dry products for pet urine, and this is the only one he sells, because it works!

They also clean upholstery, area rugs (including fine, oriental rugs with dye-stripping and dye correction), leather (cleaning, restoration and protection), tile and stone, and granite (cleaning, sealing and polishing).

They also have some great retail products you can purchase for your home!

An “A” lead is any referral from you for friends, family, neighbors, or business associates; especially property managers or insurance agents and adjusters.

A “B” lead is work they do on your home or business.  They do free commercial cleaning estimates.

A “C” lead is a recurrent schedule for 6 and 12 month preventative cleaning.  (Hopefully, only recurring restoration if you are in insurance or property management!)

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