DEA Meeting: CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions

Dr. Paul Chafetz introduced Brad Swann and Jeff Emery with CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions.  Dr. Paul said Brad is a rock-star when it comes to mental health!  Brad has been married for decades, they have 3 children who are grown and are successful executives, he has worked 33 years in the copier business and 20 years in the DEA.  Brad is a stand-out announcer for football, volleyball, and baseball for the school district and is moving to the playoffs!

Jeff Emery is a sales manager and gave our presentation today on Solutions and Security on your system.  Copiers all put toner on paper.  For the last several years, CopyNet’s emphasis has been to set themselves apart from their competition with solutions.  Now, the focus is on how you can make your world more secure!  How valuable is the information on your network?  What would you do to protect it?  How much would your competition like to get your client list or other information?  What kind of confidential information is handled on a regular basis in your office?  It is simple to get on Google and hack printers around the world; if they didn’t change their credentials, someone could access their printer.  It is estimated that there are about 63,000 unsecured printers around the world.  Printers are a vulnerable point of cyber-attack and only 61% of IT managers realize it!

Copiers have hard drives which store the documents sent to it.  Employees may not walk out of the building with confidential information, but they can scan confidential documents and send them out via email.  People can print sensitive information and get interrupted before they pick it up.  There is software available to wipe the copier hard drives and RAM on a regular basis.  Print management software can be set up to require the user to swipe their badge to release their print job.  Printing costs can be tracked by department.  Barcodes can be used on documents to speed up scanning and archiving.  Usually there is nominal cost for the software but can save a lot in manpower.  HP is doing some things no one else provides in security; they also let you set the parameters that are most appropriate for your environment.

People are more conscientious if they know someone is watching!  Take control of your print fleet!

Jeff answered several, interesting questions.  Printers can get viruses!  Viruses can come in disguised as an email (“print this free gift card…”) and then when the user prints the card, it gives access to your network.  CopyNet will typically change the passwords when they set up a copier; Kiocera does model-specific passwords, which helps.  If you copy something on a copier it is just held temporarily in RAM and cannot later be retrieved from the hard drive.  Emergent copier technology primarily centers around access and a more intuitive interface, like allowing printing from the printer WIFI directly without users being on the network; there is some conversation about voice recognition coming soon.  The profitability in this industry is 100% on the service side; they sell hardware to get the service.

Brad thanked everyone for their business!  This is the most profitable organization Brad has ever belonged to!

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  1. Very informative meeting with Copy Net presentation. Who knew your copier could be the weak link in your security.

  2. Dr Paul says:

    Great presentation!

  3. Rob Eads says:

    Great info on printer network security.

  4. Great presentation by Brad.. Very informative. Who would have known your printer could be so vunerable to hacking.

  5. Great to hear about all the technology that Copynet is using to ensure our security on our networks. Very informative. Check your passwords everyone!

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