DEA Meeting : CNC Home Care

Dr. Paul Chafetz, PhD, introduced Chris Clausen, founder and President of CNC Home Care.  Chris is a graduate of the University of Houston with both a BBA and an MBA.   He is a 25-year member of DEA. He is nationally and state certified as an adult guardian, nationally and state certified and literally award-winning Geriatric Care Manager.  He is a Rotarian and crusader against elder abuse and exploitation.  In the Dallas community of agencies and professional associations serving the elderly and veterans, Chris is an established leader and innovator and elder statesman who is widely respected.  He is a husband, father, great businessman, great friend, and great colleague.

Chris Clausen, CNC Home Care, first thanked Dr. Paul for the great introduction and McShan Florist for the beautiful flowers sent to him this week that were a great surprise!  Chris wanted to start out saying that most members see him each week in his suit and tie, or his generational uniform as he calls it, might think he has a corporate job to go to everyday.  However, he wears a suit and tie, as his customers, who are around the average age of 84, expect to see him in it!  Except his typical week is far from an office setting.  Just this past week alone, Chris encountered the following;

  • a lock out: where a member of the family, under guardianship, is removed from the house but the other members of the family won’t leave. Chris enters the house and removes the all the other member’s belongings which are put on the front lawn, and they then have 24 hours to remove them,
  • court approved client relocation,
  • placed a client in a behavioral hospital,
  • relocated a client – where the daughter and son were at odds and somehow an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was left in the yard and the Dallas Bomb Squad had to be called out to remove the device,
  • completed a Court Ordered Assessment,
  • provided Expert Testimony for a Guardianship Matter, and
  • also completed services with a DEA member
  • …. how is that for an average week!

Chris also played a short video of an assessment he was doing on a client who was extremely wealthy and eccentric and lived in a trailer.  During his visit, he had a possum literally come out and join them while eating food scraps that had fallen on the floor!  There was a hole under the couch that this possum would climb in and out of the trailer from.  With his endless food supply, the possum did not want the man to move out, he was a great roommate!

Chris founded CNC Home Care in 1994 with the mission to assist older adults while aging in place comfortably and safely.  Their focus is on assisted aging, home management, social activities, and Geriatric Care Management.  He now has a staff of 6+ employees.

Who uses CNC Home Care services:

  • Families and Companies around the country
  • Private Bankers and Trust Officers
  • Physicians and Allied Health
  • Attorneys
  • Social Workers
  • Retirement Centers
  • Long Term Insurance Companies
  • Texas Adult Protective Services
  • Social Service Providers

Chris offers complimentary assessments and complimentary opportunities to interview all caregivers, customized care plans, clients are monitored and supervised by company personnel, provides hourly or live-in care, and his office staff is on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  A live person will always answer the phone!  His primary services are:

  • Home Management – HVAC, grab bars, plumbing, electrical
  • Assisted Aging – housekeeping, cooking, laundry, errands
  • Social Activities – movies, theater, ballet, senior centers, travel
  • Personal Assistant Services – bathing, dressing, medications
  • Geriatric Care Management – coordinate care and placement

Chris also deals with hoarding and cluttering situations.  Many clients have a fear of getting rid of something they might need later, don’t want to waste things, have an attachment to things, are unable to clean themselves, or have a difficult time deciding what to keep.  These feelings can be caused by advanced age, or physical or mental disabilities. He estimates they have thrown away at least 6,800 lbs. of paper from client’s homes.  They have also found some interesting items, such as WWII foot locker with live munitions, rolls of gold coins worth over $500,000, bearer bonds, and freezers full of food.

CNC Caregivers go through a careful selection and screening process, employee training, orientation, and skills testing, Texas DPS Criminal and Reference checks, and previous employment history reviews.  The caregiver and companion’s experience and personality are matched with the client’s needs.  They do continual on-site supervision and training, and continuing education or all employees.  They are also licensed, insured, and bonded.

“A” leads include friends, neighbors and others

“B” leads include family

“C” leads continued care

Join CNC Home Care at the Open House / Booksigning this Thursday at Infused Oils and Vinegars, 5225 Beltline Road, Dallas 75254 from 5:30pm – 8:00pm.  The NE corner of Montfort and Beltline.  If you can’t join Chris on Thursday, feel free to drop by his office during the week.  His office address is 8111 Preston Road, #415, Dallas 75225.

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