DEA Meeting: Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions

Dr. Paul Chafetz introduced Brad Swann with Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions.  Brad is from Mesquite and a graduate of SMU.  He has been in the copier business for 30 years and is an 18-year DEA veteran.  Brad and his wife have three children and 7 grandchildren.  Brad loves fishing, hunting and shooting, in addition to following the activities of his grandchildren.  He is a Clark Kent: mild mannered, but under that shirt, he is Superman!  He leapt tall buildings to transform the copier experience of all the people who work in Dr. Paul’s suite, bringing them the outstanding levels of quality and value that only Copynet can provide!

If you work with copiers, you will still have to deal with toner, paper and miss-feeds, however, today’s copier and document handling systems offer a lot of features!  Copynet can provide supplies and service for almost any printer on the market.  Their main products are RICOH, Savin, KYOCERA, Copystar and Hewlett Packard systems, from small desktop printers to large systems with binders.  The RICOH interactive whiteboard can connect with computers and another interactive whiteboard anywhere.  Copiers can do wireless printing from home to office.  For DEA members, Brad can usually their cut costs by 1/3 – 1/2 or provide a whole lot more capability and dependability.

Jeff Emery is the Copynet Sales Manager.  Copynet purchased DI Laser and they are now under one roof and re-branded as Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions.  The old conversation used to be about speeds and feeds.  Everyone’s equipment puts toner on paper.  Historically, what separated Copynet from their competitors was service.  They still win and lose deals and keep customers based on their response time and how fast their technicians show up and fix it the first time.  Today, Copynet is moving more to a solutions-based approach to selling.

A big feature on today’s systems is security.  You can now print from and scan to any cloud service.  You can track who is printing or scanning what.  You can send a job to the printer and then have it not released until the person swipes a card or enters a code.  This is especially great for high-security documents.  A company can also track what and how much different people are printing or scanning.

Document workflow defines where a scanned document goes.  Scanned documents can be searchable PDF’s or scanned to Word or Excel.  Additional software can be added on the server so the process is faster and more accurate.  Standardized invoices can be scanned and routed or even routed differently based on the value of a specific field or dollar value of a field on the invoice.  This changes the conversation so it is not about just a copier or printer, but now you can take your documents and do something useful with them.  Just about anything you can conceive that you want to do to a document, it is possible with a robust document management system.  Document management typically adds about $30-$40/month on a 60-month lease.

Brad thanked those who have done business with Copynet and are customers, and for those who have not, Copynet would love the opportunity to earn your business.  Brad also thanked Dr. Paul for the introduction and McShan Florist for the beautiful flowers.  Please join them at their open house on Thursday!

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