DEA Meeting: Complete Mailing Partners

Ron Schulz introduced John Anderson.  Anytime Ron asked John what he was doing, he got a description of a fancy motorcycle restoration or a home remodeling project.  So, Ron is excited to finally discover, after 7 years, what John does for a living!

John Anderson is the Vice President of Complete Mailing Partners.  He has been in this business for 34 years.  John’s Dad was also in this business for 36 years and was the Western Region VP of Pitney Bowes.  They moved a lot, but John primarily grew up near Denver.  John’s Dad was a Marine and his Mom was a schoolteacher, so their household was up early!  They were in OKC during the oil boom, right as John was getting out of school.  In whatever city they were in, John’s Dad knew the people who made that city work.  When they suddenly stopped work on a large, new bank building in OKC, his Dad told him to go work in Dallas!

John started working with Pitney Bowes and worked for them for 11 years in a variety of roles.  Then, John worked with Innovative Office Solutions, which was sold; the new owners were fighting constantly, so John went to work for a competitor.  The next company John worked for was purchased by Pitney Bowes!  John spent 3 years living on an airplane and then became a dealer with Pitney Bowes, until they pulled the rug out from everybody.  Working with Lead Concepts, a direct-mail, advertising agency, they formed Complete Mailing Partners eleven years ago.

Complete Mailing Partners specializes in sales, service, leasing and supplies for postage meters, folder/inserters, inkjet systems, and tabbing.  Everyone mails stuff, but you get a discount on the mail you send with a postage meter; you’ve done part of the work for the postal system; it goes through first, since it is already dated and cancelled and is considered time-sensitive material.  They have meters starting at $18/month.  When needs changed, a company used to have to get new machines and there was always a balance on the previous lease rolled in.  Now, the systems are designed with every possible feature in that product line already in the hardware.  As needs change, different features can be activated with a new code on the same hardware, whether it is speed, capacity, number of postage accounts or whatever you need.  They have machines that fold, insert, and stuff documents; some of the very large machines can stuff up to 10,000 inserts per hour.  They also have tabers that put on wafers to seal bulletins and periodicals, addressing systems software, as well as high-end extraction systems, also known as letter openers.

John can often save 30% off what other manufacturers charge for supplies.  Complete Mailing Partners use HP imaging systems.  Other manufacturers use Cannon equipment which has a “time-out” feature, so your ink cartridge could stop working just because it is old when there is still plenty of ink in it.

John sells about $3.5 million/year and he is the only salesman with the company.  He is also a Board certified Master Postal Consultant to keep up with technology and what the Post Office is up to; he is one of 13 in the U.S.!  John has a staff of 4 others that do the service and installation and handle the money.  There are 238 dealers with FP Mailing Solutions, and they are ranked #5 in the U.S. and have been for the last several years!

Complete Mailing Partners sells, installs and trains on the equipment.  Their tecs are factory-trained and certified and can provide service that day or the next day.  Their competitors use contract labor for their tecs.  Complete Mailing Partners does not offer the “finest, automated, off-shore support”; you can call them directly!

Complete Mailing Partners is a proud sponsor of Susan G. Komen National Breast Cancer Foundation, and offers limited-edition pink machines:  it is a discounted machine and 15% of that machine’s revenue goes to Susan G. Komen.

Who is a good referral?  Any mailing system customers who are not happy with their vendors.  Just let John know!  He understands the codes companies use and he can help explain their bill and educate them; sometimes he can save them money, too!

Join us for the Open House/ Booksigning Thursday at John’s house at 1109 Brookview Dr., Allen from 4:30-7:30pm….or, until the alcohol runs out!  There will be food and drinks; you are welcome to bring a swimsuit, the pool’s open!

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